Important MCQs for History Competitive Exams Part 56

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Q. Find out the correct pairing of the following lists with the help of the codes given below the lists:

Match the Correct Pairing of List-1 and List-2
List IList II
A. Comrade(I) Mrs. Annie Besant
B. Al- Hill(II) Muhammad Ali
C. Zamindari(III) Abu Kalama Azad
D. Commonweal(IV) Zafar Ali Khan


(a) A-I, B-II, C-IV, D-III

(b) A-III, B-II, C-IV, D-I

(c) A-II, B-III, C-IV, D-I

(d) A-I, B-III, C-IV, D-II

Answer: C

Q. Match the following:

Match List 1 with List 2
List IList II
(a) Rabindranath Tagore(I) Nil Darlan
(b) Dada Bhai Nauru(II) Economic History of India
(c) Dinbandhu Metra(III) Gora
(d) R. C. Dutt(IV) Poverty and the British Rule in India


(a) a-III, b-IV, c-II, d-I

(b) a-III, b-II, c-IV, d-I

(c) a-III, b-II, c-I, d-IV

(d) a-III, b-IV, c-I, d-II

Answer: D

Q. Who was the author of panther Dabit, a novel which glorified the path of violent redo ′ tion and which was banned by the British?

(a) Premchand

(b) Saratchandra Chatterjee

(c) Bankimchandra Chatterjee

(d) Ajay Ghosh

Answer: B

Q. Who was the founder of the secret society, Abhinav Bharat?

A. Maren Bhattacharjee

B. Jain Mukherjee

C. Ganesh Sarkar

D. Deodar Chapeau

Answer: C

Q. Match list I wish list II and select the answer from the codes given below the lists:

Table of List of Company and It՚s Founder
List IList II
A. Metra Meal (1899)(I) Her Dayal
B. Anushilan Samiti of Dacca (1902)(II) Rash Behari Bose
C. Gadara party (1913)(III) Sarkar Brothers
D. Indian Independence League (1942)(IV) pulling Das


(a) a-III, b-IV, c-I, d-II

(b) a-II, b-III, c-IV, d-I

(c) a-III, b-IV, c-II, d-I

(d) a-II, b-I, c-III, d-IV

Answer: A

Q. Which one of the following is correctly matched?

A. Chapeau brothers – Day

B. Mandala Hangar Yarest – Rand & Lt.

C. Goliath Asha – Curzon Wyllie

D. Bhagwat Sing – Saunders

Answer: D

Q. Match list I wish list II:

Table of Show List the Freedom Fighter and They How to Death
List IList II
A. Martyrdom in jail while doing hunger strike(I) Chandrasekhar Azad
B. Arrest and execution by the British(II) Jain Mukherjee
C. Death in a shooting encounter with police in a public park(III) Jain Das
D. Arrest and transportation follies(IV) Bhagwat Singh
E. Death near Balasore while fighting with the police(V) Sachin Sandal


A. a-II, b-V, c-III, d-I, e-IV

B. a-IV, b-V, c-I, d-III, e-II

C. a-III, b-II, c-V, d-I, e-IV

D. a-III, b-IV, c-I, d-V, e-II

Answer: D

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