Important MCQs for History Competitive Exams Part 58

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Q. All the established political parties and groups, except two boycotted the Simon Commission. Which were those two?

(I) Hindu Mahasabha

(II) Justice party

(II) Muslim League

(IV) Punjab Unionists

Choose the answer from the codes below:

(a) Only II

(b) Only III

(c) II & IV

(d) III & IV

Answer: C

Q. Who among the following capitalists served as an AICC treasurer for many years and went to jail in 1930?

(a) G. D. Birla

(b) Jamaal Bajaj

(c) J. R. D. Tata

(d) Watchband Harahan

Answer: B

Q. Who made the ‘Deepavali Declaration’ and when?

(a) Lord Linlithgow in 1940

(b) Lord Irwin 1929

(c) Gandhi in 1930

(d) Sub has Bose in 1941

Answer: A

Q. Who said: The Muslims were fools to ask for safeguards, and the Hindus were greater fools to refuse them?

(a) Jawaharlal Nehru

(b) Abu Kalama Azad

(c) Muhammad Ali

(d) Sub has Bose

Answer: B

Q. What is the name of the newspaper published by the Indian Muslim League?

(a) Quam

(b) Bombay Chronicle

(c) Star of India

(d) Inquilab

Answer: C

Q. Match list I wish list II and choose the answer from the codes given below the lists:

Table of Establishment and It՚s Year
List IList II
(a) Formation of the Swara Party(I) 1922
(b) First meeting of the All India youth Congress(II) 1925
(c) Foundation of the Rasht Riya Sway am Sadak Singh (RSS)(III) 1927
(d) First convention of the AISPC(IV) 1928


(a) a-II, b-IV, c-III, d-I

(b) a-I, b-II, c-IV, d-III

(c) a-I, b-IV, c-II, d-III

(d) a-II, b-I, c-III, d-IV

Answer: C

Q. Which of the following is correctly matched?

(a) Formation of the All India Kisan Sabha – 1935

(b) Foundation of the Congress Socialist party – 1934

(c) Foundation of the Forward Block – 1936

(d) Foundation of the Communist party of India – 1939

Answer: B