Geography 2007 Paper 1 – Solved MCQs Competitive Exams Set 2

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11) Epeirogeny is a result of:

(a) Vertical earth movements

(b) Horizontal earth movements

(c) Mass movements

(d) None of these

Answer: (b)

12) What is the name given to a plateau surrounded by mountains:

(a) piedmont plateau

(b) intermountain plateau

(c) mountain plateau

(d) raised plateau

Answer: (b)

13) The dust bowl of North American has been caused by:

(a) glacial deposition

(b) wind erosion

(c) wind deposition

(d) shifting cultivation

Answer: (b)

14) Ideal cycle of erosion was first suggested by:

(a) De Martonne

(b) B. W Sparks

(c) W. M Davis

(d) W. Penck

Answer: (c)

15) What does the term loess refers to:

(a) River borne material

(b) Fine wind deposited material

(c) fine glacial material

(d) fine wave deposited material

Answer: (b)

16) An Avalanche is a mass of glacial debris transported to the sea:

(a) Mass of snow and rocks moving down slope under gravity

(b) Broad crack in the upper paart of glacier

(c) steep rock in the coastal are made by wave erosion

(d) None of these.

Answer: (a)

17) What is meant by Hamada:

(a) An extensive flat rocky surface in desert

(b) A Costal lowland eroded by glaciers

(c) A plain surface in the karst region

(d) A depositional part of pediplain.

Answer: (a)

18) The direction of rotation of the earth on its axis is from:

(a) North to south

(b) South to north

(c) East to west

(d) West to east

Answer: (d)

19) On which date is the earth perihelion:

(a) june 21

(b) December 22

(c) January 03

(d) July 04

Answer: (a)

20) What is the most accurate description of the shape of the earth:

(a) A Circle

(b) A Sphere

(c) A Geoid

(d) An absolute sphere

Answer: (c)