Geography 2008 Paper 2 – Solved MCQs Competitive Exams Set 1

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1 - The second highest peak of Pakistan is:

(a) K-2

(b) Nange Parbat

(c) Rakaposhi

(d) None

Answer: (b)

2- the Jehlum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas and Sutlej have their confluence at:

(a) Mithan Kot

(b) Panjnad

(c) Panjgur

(d) None

Answer: (b)

3- Tirich Mir is the highest peak of one of these mountain ranges:

(a) Hindu Kush

(b) Karakorum

(c) Koh i Safed

(d) None

Answer: (a)

4- The Shandoor Pass is famous for the game of:

(a) Polo

(b) Golf

(c) Skiing

(d) None

Answer: (a)

5- The international boundary line between Pakistan and Afghanistan is called:

(a) Buefort Line

(b) Durrand Line

(c) Wagah Border

(d) None

Answer: (b)

6- Syne was the old name of:

(a) Caira

(b) Aswan

(c) Alexandria

(d) None

Answer: (b)

7- Alluvial soils are of two types, old and new. Old Alluvium is called:

(a) Khadar

(b) Bhangar

(c) Regur

(d) None

Answer: (b)

8- In the year 327 BC Alexander the Great came to India through the:

(a) Gomal Pass

(b) Khyber Pass

(c) Bolan Pass

(d) None

Answer: (b)

9- One of the most famous Gap Town is:

(a) Geneva

(b) Rome

(c) Peshawer

(d) None

Answer: (c)

10- The people who are engaged in Gem cutting industry in Sri Lanka are:

(a) Sinhalese

(b) Tamils

(c) Moors

(d) None

Answer: (a)

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