Geography 2009 Paper 2 – Solved MCQs Competitive Exams Set 2

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11. The seasonal movement of people with their animals between highlands and lowlands is called:

a) Pastoralism

b) Nomadism

c) Transhumance

d) Ranching

Answer: (c)

12. the term fecundity indicates:

a) Birth rate

b) Fertility rate

c) Growth rate

d) Capacity to reproduce

Answer: (d)

13. the concept of demographic transition was initiated by:

a) Trewartha

b) Thompson

c) Notestein

d) Sadler

Answer: (b)

14. Who was the first to suggest the law migration:

a) Lee

b) Zelinsky

c) Trewartha

d) Rovenstein

Answer: (b)

15. Where is the fertile crescent situated:

a) Southeast asia

b) southwest asia

c) north America

d) Africa

Answer: (b)

16. the example of an unguarded international border is that between:

a) India and pakistan

b) China and mogolia

c) China and russia

d) usa and Canada

Answer: (d)

17. the concentric zone theory of urban morphology was coined by:

a) Ullman

b) Burgess

c) Huntington

d) Homer hoyet

Answer: (b)

18. the acronym C. B. D stands for

a) Outer fringe of the city

b) Area of heavy industries in the city

c) Area of highest population density in the city

d) Central commercial heart of the city

Answer: (d)

19. Occidental agriculture is associated with:

a) Mono crop culture

b) diversified farming

c) Shifting cultivation

d) Dry farming

Answer: (b)

20. Christaller ″ s theory is concerned with:

a) Size distribution of central places

b) Origin and decline of cities

c) morphology of settlements

d) None of these

Answer: (a)