Competitive Exams: Geography MCQs (Practice_Test 65 of 118)

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  1. The North Pole lies within the Arctic Ocean whereas the South Pole is located within the Antarctica Continent Which of the following hypotheses uses this phenomenon as a supportive argument?
    1. Tetrahedron theory
    2. Theory of Isostasy
    3. Theory of Continental Drift
    4. Convective Current Theory
  2. Lines joining places of same total transportation costs in Weber՚s theory are termed
    1. isotims
    2. isogonic lines
    3. isodapanes
    4. isochrones
  3. If the highest point in locality is 1500 meters and the lowest is 1000 meters, 500 meters represents the
    1. height above base-level
    2. gradient
    3. elevation
    4. relative relief
  4. The age and sex composition of the population is best represented by
    1. choropleths
    2. isopleths
    3. pie diagram
    4. pyramid diagram
  5. The proportion of the area of the surface at various elevations above or depths below a given datum is properly represented by the
    1. Clinographics curve
    2. Altimetric frequency curve
    3. Hypsometric curve
    4. Lorenz curve
  6. Topographical maps are distinguished from atlas maps as they
    1. represent only relief
    2. are large-scale maps
    3. are small-scale maps
    4. are drawn on a different projection
  7. The usage of the term ‘ecosystem’ for the whole complex f organisms-both animals and plants, and their habitat has been proposed by
    1. Cole
    2. Tansley
    3. Forbes
    4. Sukachev
  8. The gravity and potential models in geography were the contribution of
    1. Stewart
    2. Clark and Evans
    3. Haggett and Chorley
    4. Bunge
  9. The rank-size rule is useful in studies of
    1. Plant communities
    2. climetic regions
    3. settlement systems
    4. soil types
  10. From the viewpoint of laud forms, which of the following pairs of continents are mirror images of one another?
    1. Africa-Australia
    2. Africa-south America
    3. Asia-Africa
    4. Australia-South America
  11. Which of the following features is common to the Deccan Plateau, the Columbian Plateau and Iceland?
    1. Composed of lava
    2. Extremely rugged
    3. Great height above sea level
    4. Inland drainage
  12. Which one of the following climatic types identified by Koppen occurs in both China and Japan?
    1. Cwa
    2. Cfa
    3. Dfb
    4. Dwb
  13. The deep chernozem soil rich in humus is found in
    1. Amazon basin
    2. Congo basin
    3. Egypt
    4. Ukraine
  14. Terra rossa typically develops in terrains composed of
    1. limestone
    2. basalt
    3. granite
    4. red sandstone
  15. What natural vegetation can be expected in subhumid middle latituded where evaportanspiration almost balances precipitation?
    1. Conifers
    2. Prairies
    3. Savanna
    4. Selvas