Competitive Exams: Geography MCQs (Practice_Test 67 of 118)

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  1. ‘Ladang’ is a type of cultivation characterized by
    1. dry farming
    2. high degree of mechanization
    3. mixed farming
    4. shifting cultivation
  2. What is Karaganda?
    1. An animal
    2. A montain
    3. A coalfield
    4. An ocean deep
  3. The development of synthetic rubber industry in USA is the outcome of
    1. destruction of rubber trees by the early settlers
    2. clearing of rubber producing areas for agricultural purposes
    3. First World War
    4. Second World War
  4. Port of Portugal is a variety of
    1. tobacco
    2. fish
    3. fruit
    4. wine
  5. The American cotton textile industry moved from New England to the southern states because
    1. the latter have a more humid climate
    2. New England diversified its manufacturing industries
    3. the population growth in the south provided a major market
    4. the south offered cheaper labour, lower taxes and more spacious sites
  6. Which one of the following it the type of vegetation characteristic of the area shown in the map?
    1. Rainforest
    2. Forest with grassland
    3. Desert and semi desert
    4. Mediterranean
  7. The Chindwin basin is situated in
    1. Myanmar
    2. Thailand
    3. Malaysia
    4. Indonesia
  8. In which one of the following situations in South-East Asia are the largest concentrations of peasant population found?
    1. On low-land forest areas cleared for plantation agriculture
    2. On highland areas where the climate is cooler and healthier
    3. On low-land areas where grain farming is carried on
    4. In the mining areas
  9. West Bank is the name given to the land area west of river
    1. Jordan
    2. Mississippi
    3. Nile
    4. Tigris
  10. The area marked X represents the Strait of
    1. Dover
    2. Babel Mandeb
    3. Hoimuz
    4. Magellan
  11. Which one of the following South-West Asian countries has the shortest coastline?
    1. Iran
    2. Oman
    3. Syria
    4. Jordan
  12. The climate of North America is influenced during winter by the
    1. warm Gulf stream
    2. cold Labrador current
    3. cold polar airmasses
    4. tropical airmasses
  13. Which one of the following statements is most plausible? The Moscow industrial region is different from the Ural, Kuzbas and Ukraine industrial regions in that
    1. it is based on local raw materials
    2. It has an abundant supply of locally available cheap power
    3. it has vast market and ancillary industries
    4. it is specialised in agricultural machinery
  14. In the map of China the river X represents
    1. Hwang Ho
    2. Si Kiang
    3. Sungari
    4. Yangtse-Kiang
  15. The Loess plateau of North China is covered with a thick mantle of loess carried here by strong winter winds from
    1. the Sahara Desert
    2. the Gobi Desert
    3. the Tarim basin
    4. the Thar Desert