Competitive Exams Practice Questions for Geography Part 6

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′ South of the tropical grasslands of Southern Brazil lies the region of temperate grasslands This region has a warm climate with rain all through the year although it rains more summers than in winter These grasslands are found in central Argentina

″ Which of the following region is described in the above passage?

(a) Selves

(b) Campos

(c) Gran Chaco

(d) Pampas

Answer: D

With reference to the relation between longitude and time consider the following statements:

1. Every 15 degrees we go eastward local time is retarded by 1 hour

2. Every 15 degrees we go westward local time is advanced by 1 hour

3. Places east of the Greenwich have time ahead of that of Greenwich Places west of the Greenwich have time behind of that of Greenwich

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

(a) 1 and 3 only

(b) 3 only

(c) 3 and 4 only

(d) 1 and 2 only

Answer: C

Commercial utilization of this resource?

(a) Trees-do not occur in homogeneous strand

(b) Absence of frozen surfaces to facilitate logging

(c) These hardwoods are sometimes too heavy to float in rivers.

(d) Population is too sparse and demand is also less

Answer: D

With reference to a tribal group which is settled in the savanna region consider the settled in the savanna region consider the following statements:

1. They are primarily cattle pastoralist

2. They are mainly found in east African plateau but now they are confined in reserves of Kenya and Tanzania

3. The rear zebu cattle. Which tribal fro up correctly matches with the explanation above?

(a) Hausa

(b) Masai

(c) Bandeau

(d) Bushmen

Answer: B

With respect to fish production in India; the west coast has 75 % of miring fish landings whereas only 25 % on the east coast consider the following possible reasons for the defence and which among the following is/are correct?

1. West coast has more upwelling than the east

2. Though east coast has more fishermen their productivity is low

3. West coast production is largely from mechanized sector unlike the east

4. West coast has longer fishing season than the east

Select the correct answer using the code given below

(a) 2 and 4 only

(b) 1 and 3 only

(c) 1,2 and 4 only

(d) 1,3 and 4 only

Answer: D

If you travel though the Western Himalayan Region across the year you are likely to see which of the year you are likely to see which of the following crops?

(a) Rice Maize Wheat Litchic Saffron

(b) Rice Potato Tea, Litchic and Lime

(c) Jute Maize Potato Mango and Saffron

(d) Rice Wheat Pulses, Lime and Saffron

Answer: A

In which of the following kind of areas are you likely to find cave formations?

(a) Areas with depositions of lava

(b) Areas with abundant alluvium depositions

(c) Areas with limestone rich rocks

(d) Areas with sandy soil cover

Answer: C

You visit a place where snow fall is common, summer is moderately warm the soil is acidic thin in depth and poor in nutrients Bears wolves hawks deer and hares are commonly seen in forest area what kind of vegetation is likely to be present in such place?

(a) Temperate Deciduous

(b) Evergreen

(c) Steppes

(d) Coniferous

Answer: D

Consider the following pairs of grasslands and regions:

1. Prairies: Eurasia

2. Steppes: North America

3. Pustaz: Hungary

4. Pampas: Argentina

Which of the above mentioned pairs is/are correctly matched?

(a) 1 and 2 only

(b) 2 and 3 only

(c) 3 and 4 only

(d) 4 only

Answer: C

With reference to the African continent what does Sahel Region imply?

(a) It is a term used for coastal region of Africa

(b) It is a term used for floodplain formed by River Nile

(c) It is a term used for places separated by African rift valley

(d) It is a term used for dry areas neighboring the Saharan desert

Answer: D