Competitive Exams Geography Solved Objective Questions Part 11

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The conditions favorable for all forms of life make our planet an unique one. “Our environment includes the physical elements like land, water and air and the biological environment of plants, animals and micro­ organisms.” Both physical and biotic environments interact with each other, exchanging matter and energy which brings about a series of changes.

The living world or biosphere stretches around our planet in a film as thin as the dew on grass. In this biosphere, in a given area, a particular living community of organisms and the non-living environment interact with each other in a balanced manner, and comprise what is known as the ecosystem.

The earth՚s green cover provides the basis for all food chains, mediates water cycles, stabilizes microclimate and protects the dynamic soil. While the animals are able to migrate from place to place according to seasonal changes, plants rooted to the soil make physiological adjustment to seasonal changes. Plants and animals are interdependent on each other. Those species of organisms which are not able to adapt to changes become extinct. Therefore it is necessary to understand the interrelationships between the

Organisms in the biosphere and the links between the physical and biotic environment. A study of this interrelationship is called Ecology.

The ecosystems of the world are divided into two micro types: Aquatic and Terrestrial. Aquatic ecosystems are further classified into many types, such as marine (estuarine, neritic etc) ; or fresh water (rivers, lakes etc) .

Biome is a large ecosystem based on a distinctive type of vegetation and animal life. It is determined by the

Climate and soil. Within each pattern, there are cycles, viz. , the food-cycle, the nitrogen cycle, oxygen-cycle, carbon cycle etc. . Which keep the balance in nature of a particular eco-system. Unfortunately, in our times, the greater interference by man has not only upset the balance but has also been responsible for the extinction of many species of both plants and animals.

89. Which of the following is responsible for the presence of living organisms in the biosphere?

(a) Biotic environment

(b) Lithosphere

(c) Biome

(d) Lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere

Answer: (d)

90. The science which deals with the interrelationship between vanous orgamsms and the physical environment is

(a) Biology

(c) Ecology

(b) Biogeography

(d) Pathology.

Answer: (c)

91. A self-maintaining unit in which the populations of different species interact with each other is a

(a) Community

(b) Biosphere

(c) Ecosystem

(d) Biome

Answer: (a)

92. Which of these is called a self-contained natural aquarium?

(a) Population

(b) Ecosystem

(c) Terrarium

(d) Biosphere

Answer: (b)

93. To have a proper carbon cycle, we need a particular sequence. It is

(a) producers-consumers-decomposers

(b) consumers-decomposers-producers

(c) producers-decomposers-consumers

(d) consumers-producers-decomposers.

Answer: (a)

94. One of the major pollutants affecting the health of our big cities is

(a) CO




Answer: (a)

95. It is said that the Taj Mahal is being slowly eroded by





Answer: (d)

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