Competitive Exams Geography Solved Objective Questions Part 12

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96. An air pollutant which causes lung congestion and is responsible for the formation of smog is





Answer: (a)

97. The Red Sea gets its name because of

(a) Red algae

(b) Blue green algae

(c) Agar agar

(d) Corals.

Answer: (a)

98. Fish-eating pigs of the South Sea Islands are examples of

(a) Regulated adjustment

(b) Natural selection

(c) Survival instinct

(d) Adaptation.

Answer: (b)

99. The best example of the extinction of species due to man՚s intervention is

(a) kiwi

(b) dodo

(c) Przewalski՚s horse

(d) Bustard.

Answer: (b)

100. The one example of a species that has survived the changing environment without undergoing a change itself is the

(a) Elephant

(b) Horse

(c) Aardvark

(d) Cockroach.

Answer: (d)

101. The ‘Silent Valley’ which caused a furor among the environmentalists in recent times, is in

(a) Assam

(b) Kamataka

(c) Kerala

(d) Kashmir.

Answer: (c)

102. The evidence of extinct species which could not adjust to the new environment is obtained from

(a) Seismic studies

(b) Remote sensing

(c) Fossils

(d) Petrography.

Answer: (c)

103. The smaller and weaker organisms reproduce at a faster rate than the larger organ isms in order to

(a) Maintain natural high productive rate

(b) Maintain ecological balance

(c) Be a prey for the consumers

(d) Produce more biogas.

Answer: (b)

104. Large scale migration takes place from one region to another by

(a) Aquatic birds

(b) Flying mammals

(c) Flightless birds

(d) Humming birds.

Answer: (a)

105. The obvious changes in animals or the extinction of many animal species may be attributed to

(a) Glacial periods

(b) Volcanic eruptions

(c) Geological periods

(d) Invasion and migration of people.

Answer: (c)

106. Mangrove forests belong to one of the following ecosystems:

(a) Riverine

(b) Neritic zone

(c) Estuarine

(d) Oceanic zone.

Answer: (c)

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