Competitive Exams Geography Solved Objective Questions Part 13

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107. The biomes found in the mid-latitude deciduous forests are

(a) Pine, fir, spruce, larch

(b) Oak, chestnut, elm, beech

(c) Cork oak, cypress, olive, mulberry

(d) Shisham, mahua, sal, palash.

Answer: (b)

108. The term biodiversity refers to

(a) The changing variety of environments in which the species survive

(b) The habitat of the various species of the earth

(c) The wealth and varieties of species on the earth

(d) Interrelationship between an organism and its Environment.

Answer: (c)

109. The ecosystem which will have the greatest number of food-webs will be

(a) A forest ecosystem

(b) The grass lands

(c) A desert

(d) The ocean depths.

Answer: (b)

110. The state of ecological balance can be maintained in our ecosystem only if

(a) The environment remains the same

(b) The relative organisms remain the same

(c) The energy outflow is more than the inflow.

Answer: (a)

111. If you are visiting the Kaziranga National Park, you will see the biosphere which belongs to

(a) Riverine deltas

(b) Himalayan flora and fauna

(c) Evergreen forests of India

(d) Tropical moist forests and the grass of Terai.

Answer: (d)

112. Which of the following is threatening the existence of life on this planet earth?

(I) Pollution

(II) Desertification

(III) Erosion

(IV) Population explosion

(a) I and IV only

(b) II and III only

(c) I, III, IV only

(d) I, II, III and IV.

Answer: (d)

113. Forest fires occur when

(a) Too much of wood is cut

(b) Soils become dry

(c) A small fire gets out of control

(d) People throw lighted cigarette stubs on a tree.

Answer: (c)

114. Given below is a picture showing ‘carbon cycle’ .

Carbon Cycle in Atmosphere

Which of the following will upset the cycle by adding too much of carbon dioxide?

(a) Large scale felling of trees

(b) Increase in human population

(c) Overgrowth of fungi

(d) Over-use of fossil fuels

Answer: (d)

115. A picture showing the nitrogen cycle is given.

Nitrogen Cycle in Atmosphere

Which is the direct source of nitrogen to the atmosphere?

(a) Dead animals

(b) Nitrates

(c) Nitrate absorbing bacteria

(d) Green plants

Answer: (c)

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