Competitive Exams Geography Solved Objective Questions Part 16

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139. By what name are the original inhabitants of Australia called?

(a) Melanesians

(b) Aborigines

(c) Polynesians

(d) Maoris

Answer: (b)

139. Which of these Pacific nations has a large Indian Population?

(a) Tonga

(b) Western Samoa

(c) Fiji

(d) Nauru

Answer: (c)

140. Which is the southernmost inhabited island in the world?

(a) South Island (New Zealand)

(b) Tasmania

(c) Tierra del Fuego

(d) South Sandwich Island

Answer: (c)

141. Which city lies on the confluence of Blue and White Nile?

(a) Aswan

(b) Khartoum

(c) Cairo

(d) Atbara

Answer: (b)

142. Which island is known as the Clove Island, as it is famous for cloves?

(a) Pemba

(b) Mauritius

(c) Seychelles

(d) The Comoro

Answer: (a)

143. What is the new name for Salisbury?

(a) Harare

(b) Bulawayo

(c) Kariba

(d) Maramba

Answer: (a)

144. What was the common name for Zambia and Zimbabwe when they were under British rule?

(a) South West Africa

(b) Tanganyika

(c) Rhodesia

(d) Nyasaland

Answer: (c)

145. Which are the two towns situated on either end of the Suez Canal?

(a) Alexandria and Port Said

(b) Ismailia and Asyut

(c) Ismailia and Suez

(d) Suez and Port Said

Answer: (d)

146. What was the name of Russia in the erstwhile USSR?

(a) The Russian Republic

(b) The Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic

(c) The Soviet Russian Republic

(d) The Russian Federal Republic

Answer: (b)

147. Stalingrad is the former name of

(a) St Petersberg

(b) Voroshilovgrad

(c) Volgagrad

(d) Petrograd

Answer: (b)

148. The reunification of Germany took place in

(a) 1991

(b) 1993

(c) 1994

(d) 1992

Answer: (d)

149. To which country does Greenland belong?

(a) Iceland

(b) Denmark

(c) Canada

(d) Norway

Answer: (b)

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