Competitive Exams Geography Solved Objective Questions Part 3

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18. The process of heat transfer causes warm au to move upwards and cool air to move downwards. This is called

(a) Convection

(b) Advection

(c) Cosmic wave

(d) Conduction

Answer: (a)

19. Which instrument is not used in weather data collection?

(a) Hygrometer

(b) Hydrograph

(c) Galvanometer

(d) Anemometer

Answer: (c)

20. Which of the following is not condensation?

(a) Hoar frost

(b) Dew

(c) Cloud

(d) Hail

Answer: (d)

21. Given below is a passage. Read it and answer the questions. “When we approached Cape Horn at the Southern extremity of America, the weather became very cold and stormy, and the sailors began to tell stories about the furious gales and the dangers of that terrible Cape,” The weather was “Cold and stormy” as they were sailing near the

(a) Antarctic sea

(b) Region of tropical cyclones

(c) Latitudes where Parrel՚s law is pronounced

(d) Latitudes where the cold and warm currents meet.

Answer: (c)

22. Marked east to west trend of the average annual temperature isotherms are caused because of

(a) Variation in the rate of cooling and heating of land and sea

(b) Apparent migration of the sun north and south of the equator

(c) Decrease of temperature from equator to the Poles

(d) Effect ofheating oflower layers of the atmosphere by terrestrial radiation.

Answer: (c)

23. Which one of the statements is false?

(a) This mountain is in the southern hemisphere.

(b) The south facing slopes are warmer.

(c) The northern slopes will be subjected to frost shattering.

(d) Grapes can be grown on the southern slopes.

Answer: (a)

24. Grapevine cultivation is carried on, on the southern slopes of mountains in Italy because

(a) Less heat reaches the southern slopes

(b) They are in the rain-shadow region

(c) They are free of frost

(d) Italy is famous for wines.

Answer: (c)

25. The reason for the progressive decrease in temperature with rising height above sea level is due to

(a) Decrease of water vapour and carbon dioxide

(b) Lesser density and hence less heat absorption from insolation reflected from the surface

(c) Decrease of oxygen and nitrogen

(d) Decrease of ozone.

Answer: (b)

26. What percentage of terrestrial radiation does the atmosphere absorb?

(a) 48 per cent

(b) 51 per cent

(c) 85 per cent

(d) 55 per cent

Answer: (c)

27. Which of the following energy transfers is in short a wave?

(a) Insolation

(b) Terrestrial radiation

(c) All radiations

(d) Nuclear radiation

Answer: (a)

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