Competitive Exams Geography Solved Objective Questions Part 6

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Earth՚s Sphere

43. The continents can be said to be floating on the sea of

(a) Lighter sial

(b) Denser sima

(c) Pliable mantle

(d) Denser basalt.

Answer: (b)

44. The interior layer of the earth is called

(a) Bar sphere

(b) Mesosphere

(c) Lithosphere

(d) Sima

Answer: (a)

45. Recent studies through earthquake waves suggest that the innermost part of the core is probably

(a) Pliable

(b) Molten

(c) Crystalline

(d) Semi-solid

Answer: (c)

46. The deeper we go into the earth, the more the boiling point is increased. This is because

(a) There is no atmosphere

(b) There is increase in temperature

(c) There is increase in pressure

(d) The temperature and pressure are constant.

Answer: (b)

47. The Aurora Borealis is

(a) The effect of light near the Tropics

(b) The waving streams of light seen in the night sky in Northern Hemisphere during warm and cold weather

(c) Luminous streams of light seen in the warm sky in the mid-latitudes.

(d) The ray of light forming a crown around the sun or moon during rainy season.

Answer: (b)

48. Which two of the following gases make up more than 98 % of the air?

(a) Carbon dioxide and oxygen

(b) Nitrogen and helium

(c) Ozone and oxygen

(d) Oxygen and nitrogen

Answer: (d)

49. Jet Stream, a strong high altitude wind near the Tropopause, blows

(a) west to east

(b) East to west

(c) North to south

(d) South to north.

Answer: (a)

50. The Strait of Hormuz joins

(a) The Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden

(b) The Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea

(c) The Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea

(d) The Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf.

Answer: (d)

51. Which one of the following will result in the formation of ice?

(a) Water + heat

(b) Vapour + heat

(c) Vapour – heat

(d) Water – heat

Answer: (d)

52. The density of sima when compared to water is

(a) Between 2.75 and 2.90

(b) Between 3.1 and 4.75

(c) Between 4.75 and 5

(d) Above 5

Answer: (b)

53. Rocks are made of

(a) Minerals with organic matter

(b) Silicates

(c) Aggregate of minerals

(d) One or two minerals.

Answer: (c)

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