History of USA 2008 Solved MCQs Competitive Exams Set 1

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Q. 1 The colony of Virginia was founded in 1607 by:

(a) Captain Robert

(b) Christopher Columbus

(c) Johan Smith

(d) Scott Barlow

Answer: C

Q. 2 The colony of New Netherland, founded by the Dutch in 1621, came under English rule in 1664 and was renamed:

(a) New Hampshire

(b) New Found Land

(c) New York

(d) New Mexico

Answer: C

Q. 3 The first ten amendments to the American Constitution are known as:

(a) Bill of rights

(b) Citizen demands

(c) Government՚s regulations

Answer: A

Q. 4 A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed, is the:

(a) First amendment

(b) Second amendment

(c) Tenth amendment

Answer: B

Q. 5 The confusion at the time of Jefferson՚s election was corrected by the adoption in 1804 of the:

(a) First amendment

(b) Eleventh amendment

(c) Twelveth amendment

(d) Thirteenth amendment

Answer: C

Q. 6 The Navigation Act was passed in:

(a) 1660

(b) 1760

(c) 1860

Answer: A

Q. 7 The PENDLIETON Act, an act to regulate and improve the civil service of the United States, was enacted on:

(a) May 11,1871

(b) June 19,1872

(c) September 20,1881

(d) January 16,1883

Answer: D

Q. 8 President Roosevelt proclaimed an unlimited emergency on:

(a) May 27,1941

(b) May 27,1942

(c) May 27,1945

Answer: A

Q. 9 The Atlantic Charter of August 14,1941 was a statement of common war aims formulated between:

(a) Roosevelt and Hitler

(b) Roosevelt and Degaulle

(c) Hiter and Degaulle

(d) Roosevelt and Winston Churchill

Answer: D

Q. 10 The United States of America formally declared war on Germany on:

(a) December 8,1941

(b) December 12,1941

(c) January 20,1942

(d) None of these

Answer: D

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