History of USA 2009 Solved MCQs Competitive Exams Set 2

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Q. 11 One of the first two political factions in United States, the Democratic Republicans, was led by:

(a) Jefferson Davis

(b) Alexander Hamilton

(c) Thomas Jefferson

(d) George Washington

Answer: C

Q. 12 The Treaty of Paris in 1783 fixed the Western boundary of the United States at the River:

(a) Missouri

(b) Kentucky

(c) Mississippi

(d) Potomac

Answer: C

Q. 13 During Jefferson՚s Presidency, Robert R. Livingstone was the U. S. Minister to:

(a) England

(b) Spain

(c) France

(d) Russia

Answer: C

Q. 14 Under which treaty United States acquired Florida from Spain?

(a) Treaty of Paris

(b) Adams-Onis Treaty

(c) Pinckney՚s Treaty

(d) Jay՚s Treaty

Answer: B

Q. 15 Which of the American Presidents won four consecutive presidential elections and remained president for the longest period of time:

(a) Theodore Roosevelt

(b) Woodrow Wilson

(c) Franklin Delano Roosevelt

(d) Harry S. Truman

Answer: C

Q. 16 Alaska was acquired by United States from:

(a) Spain

(b) England

(c) Canada

(d) Russia

Answer: D

Q. 17 Which of the American presidents was responsible for the Apollo Project that resulted in the man՚s landing on the surface of moon?

(a) Dwight David Eisenhower

(b) John F. Kennedy

(c) Lyndon Baines Johnson

(d) Richard Nixon

Answer: D

Q. 18 Which of the American Presidents was present at the time of the signing of the Camp David Accords between Egypt and Israel?

(a) John F. Kennedy

(b) Richard Nixon

(c) Jimmy Carter

(d) Ronald Reagan

Answer: C

Q. 19 Which of the American presidents called the former Soviet Union “An Evil Empire” ?

(a) Richard Nixon

(b) Jimmy Carter

(c) Ronald Reagan

(d) George Herbert Walker Bush

Answer: C

Q. 20 Which one of the American presidents remained the head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) before becoming the president?

(a) Richard Nixon

(b) Jimmy Carter

(c) George Herbert Walker Bush

(d) Gerald Rudolph Ford

Answer: C

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