General Studies: Important for Exam: Ancient Indian History MCQ Part 27

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Q. The information on the activities of Beal village assemblies during the time of imperial Cholas is available from an inscription found at

(a) Udaipur

(b) Uttaramerur

(c) Kanchipuram

(d) Thanjavur

Q. Which of the following king wrote a book on Vaster (architecture)

(a) Bhopal Parmer

(b) Maher Bhopal

(c) Mahendravarman

(d) Harsh

Q. The word “Topsail” in the Asoka records denoted

(a) A tax on peasants

(b) Capital of Kalinga province

(c) A Buddhist nun

(d) A Buddhist text

Q. Vishnuvardhana whom the Vishnava philosopher Ramanujan is said to have persuaded to give up Jainism for Vaishnavism was the king of which of the following dynasties?

(a) Cholas

(b Chalukyas

(d) Pandya՚s

Q. Mitaksara is a book on

(a) Medicine

(b) Astronomy

(c) Hindu law

(d) Mathematics

Q. Which of the following rock edict of Ajoka refers to the five neighboring Gout King to whom he sent his emissaries?

(a) RE II

(b) RE V

(c) RE VII

(d) RE XII

Q. Which of the following Buddhist places was granted reduction in land – tax by Asoka?

(a) Lumina

(b) Kapilavastu

(c) Senath

(d) Bodhgaya

Q. Which of the following officers is not mentioned in the Asoka inscription?

(a) Adhyaksha

(b) Yucca

(c) Rijeka

(d) Pradesikas

Q. Atoka was sent by his father Bindusara to curb a revolt at

(a) Axilla

(b) Ujjain

(c) Visas

(d) Praying

Q. Match the following:

Match the Following
List – IList – II
A. Rudradaman1. Hunan
B. Mihirakula2. Keshena
C. Menander3. Saka
C. Kadphises I Greek4. Indo

(a) 3 2 3 2

(b) 1 3 2 4

(c) 4 4 1 3

(d) 2 1 4 1

Q. Who among the following foreign travelers refers to the lost glory of Pataliputra?

(a) Fabien

(b) Heian Tsang

(c) Megasthenes

(d) Marco Polo

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