Indian History MCQ: General Studies Important for Competitive Exams Part 42

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Q. The famous Sikh leader Banda Bahadur was captured and executed during the reign of the Mughal emperor.

(a) Aurangzeb

(b) Bahadur Shah I

(c) Jalandhar Shah

(d) Fartrukhsiyar

Q. The Mughal emperor, who granted to the East India Company many trading privileges including exemption from customs duties for its trade through Bengal, was:

(a) Jahangir

(b) Shah Johan

(c) Farrukhsiyar

(d) Shah Alma II

Q. Which Mughal emperor was a great musician, a great patron of Hindustani music and was popularly known as ‘Rangoli’ ?

(a) Bahadur Shah I

(b) Bahadur Shah II

(c) Muhammad Shah

(d) Ajman Shah

Q. Which of the following regarding the events of the reign of later Mughal emperors Muhammad shah is not correct?

(a) The Kho – I – Nour diamond, which adorned the Mughal crown, and the peacock Throne were taken by Nadir Shah

(b) During his reign there Persian in Vader Nadir Shah and the Afghan invader Ahmad Shah Abdel both invaded India

(c) His reign marked the actual disintegration of the Mughal Empire

(c) He called Pesewa Baja Rao I to Delhi to check Abdi՚s invasion

Q. The third Battle of Pan pat was fought during the reign of the Mughal emperor:

(a) Muhammad Shah

(b) Ahmad Shah

(c) Farrukhsiyar

(d) Shah Alma II

Q. The later Mughal emperor, who had to remain out of the Mughal capital (Delhi) for nearly 14 years, was:

(a) Ahmad Shah

(b) Shah Alma II

(c) Alamgirpur II

(d) Bahadur Shah II

Q. When did the English capture Delhi from the Mughals?

(a) 1803

(b) 1859

(c) 1806

(d) 1784

Q. During the second decade of the 18th century numerous independent dynasties were founded in different parts of India. The dynasty founded by Chin Quaich Khan (popularly known as Nizami – ud – mulch) in the Deccan was known as:

(a) Quit Shah

(b) Asafjahi

(c) Adel Shah

(d) Muhajamjahi

Q. The independent kingdom of Awadhi was founded by:

(a) Sadat Khan

(b) Safari Jang

(c) Shoji – ud doula

(d) Asif – ud – doula

Q. The founder of the independent state of Bengal was:

(a) Mushed Quill Khan

(b) Alidade Khan

(c) Shoji – ud – din

(d) Safari Khan

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