General Studies: Important for Exam: Modern Indian History MCQ Part 29

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Q. The Indus people (of the Harappan Civilization) were the earliest people to produce cotton in the world, which is evidenced by

(a) The discovery of a piece of woven cotton at Mohenjo-Daro

(b) The discovery of spindle whorls

(c) The fact that the Greeks called cotton as sin don – a derivation of Sindh

(d) The discovery of Indian Muslims wrapped around Egyptian mummies

Q. An intermediate trading station between the Harappan and Mesopotamians was Dolman, which is now known as

(a) Bahrain

(b) Istanbul

(c) Kabul

(d) Dubai

Q. Most of the Harappan inscriptions were recorded on

(a) Pots

(b) Stone slabs

(c) Seals

(d) Bricks

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