Indo Pak History 2009 Paper 2-Solved MCQs Competitive Exams Set 1

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(1) The First British Governor General of India was:

(a) Lord Dalhousie

(b) Cornwallis

(c) Clive Lloyd

(d) Warren Hastings

Answer: d

(2) During the War of Independence England was ruled by:

(a) King James

(b) King Williams

(c) Queen Victoria

(d) Queen Elizabeth-I

Answer: c

(3) All-India National Congress was founded in:

(a) 1865

(b) 1875

(c) 1880

(d) 1885

Answer: d

(4) The founder of All India National Congress was:

(a) Gandhi

(b) Jawaher Lal Nehru

(c) Ram Mohan Roy

(d) A.O. Hume

Answer: d

(5) Partition of Bengal in 1905 was carried out by:

(a) Lord Cornwallis

(b) Lord Minto

(c) Lord Curzon

(d) Lord Morley

Answer: c

(6) All-India National Congress participated in the:

(a) 1st Round Table Conference

(b) 2nd Round Table Conference

(c) 3rd Round Table Conference

(d) Participated in none

Answer: b

(7) Sharif Report highlighted the atrocities of:

(a) The British Rule

(b) Congress Ministries

(c) General Dyre at Jalianwala Bagh

(d)Dogra Maharaja

Answer: b

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