Indo Pak History 2010 Paper 2-Solved MCQs Competitive Exams Set 1

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1) Indian National Congress was established by:

a) An official of the British Government

b) A British loyalist

c) British dissident

d) A retired British official

Answer: d

2) Kabir Das of the Bhakti Movement was:

a) A Preacher

b) A Mystic

c) A Poet

d) A Warrior


3) The East India Company owes its success in India to:

a) Lord Dalhousie

b) Lord Cornwallis

c) Lord Curzon

d) Warren Hastings


4) Third Battle of Panipat was fought between:

a) British and the Mughals

b) British and Sikhs

c) British and Afghans

d) Afghans and the Marhattas

Answer: d

5) Dar uloom Deoband was founded in:

a) 1865

b) 1855

c) 1875

d) 1857

e) None of these (1867)

Answer: e

6) In Sep 1958 the Deputy Speaker was killed in the provincial assembly of:

a) Bengal

b) Punjab


d) Sindh

Answer: a

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