International Relations Paper-1991 Solved MCQs Competitive Exams Set 1

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(1) Détente means:

(a) An alliance

(b) Relaxation of tensions

(c) Cooperation between states

Answer: (b)

(2) OIC is:

(a) A specialized agency of the UN

(b) A regional organization

(c) An organization of Muslim states

Answer: (c)

(3) Ruritania is:

(a) A province of Romania

(b) A state in Western Africa

(c) A fictitious country

Answer: (c)

(4) NIEO relates to:

(a) A regional grouping

(b) An international sports organization

(c) An economic concept

Answer: (c)

(5) The Monroe Doctrine was intended to:

(a) Safeguard peace in Europe

(b) Enforce freedom of navigation on the High Seas

(c) Safeguard American interests

Answer: (c)

(6) The Fourteen Points were enunciated at:

(a) The conference of Westphalia

(b) The conference of Versailles

(c) The end of World War II

Answer: (b)

(7) Liberty, Equality, Fraternity was the slogan during:

(a) The American War of Independence

(b) The French Revolution

(c) The Russian October Revolution

Answer: (b)

(8) MBFR is a term to denote:

(a) An agreement on trade quotas

(b) An agreement on the exploration of outer space

(c) An agreement on disarmament

Answer: (c)

(9) What do OAU, OAS, ASEAN have in common?

(a) They are military alliances

(b) They are agencies of the United Nations

(c) They are regional organizations.

Answer: (c)

(10) The commonwealth is:

(a) A UN sponsored body

(b) A part of the British Empire

(c) A free association of like-minded sovereign states

Answer: (b)