International Relations Paper-1991 Solved MCQs Competitive Exams Set 34

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(vii) The 1979 summit meeting which led to peace between Egypt and Israel was held at:

a. Camp X-Ray

b. Camp Roger

c. Camp New York

d. Camp David

e. None of these

Answer: d.

(viii) Apartheid was a policy of the:

a. State of Israel

b. State of West Africa

c. State of South Africa

d. State of North Africa

e. None of these

Answer: c.

(ix) Pakistan joined NAM in:

a. 1955

b. 1978

c. 1988

d. 1985

e. None of these


(x) In Pakistan:

a. All treaties must be ratified by Senate to become binding.

b. The government can bind Pakistan to any treaty without informing the Parliament.

c. Constitution requires referendum on each treaty before it becomes binding.

d. All provincial governments must also agree with the federal government before a treaty becomes binding.

e. None of these


(xi) SAARC was established in:

a. 1993

b. 1985

c. 1990

d. 1998

e. None of these

Answer: b.

(xii) NATO has announced to hand over all security operations in Afghanistan to Afghans in:

a. 2011

b. 2012

c. 2013

d. 2014

e. None of these

Answer: d.

(xiii) Intifada refers to:

a. The Russian revolution

b. The spontaneous popular uprising of the Palestinians beginning in the late 1980s

c. Palestinian relations with Jordan

d. The popular uprising of the Arab people for democracy

e. None of these

Answer: b.

(xiv) Through Balfour Declaration 1917:

a. USA announced its support for creation of Israel

b. Britain announced its support for creation of independent Palestine

c. Britain announced its commitment to the creation of a Jewish state in the Middle East

d. Soviet Union announced its support for World Revolution

e. None of these

Answer: c.

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