International Relations Paper-1991 Solved MCQs Competitive Exams Set 35

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(xv) The current row between US and Iran is about:

a. Iran՚s system of Education

b. Iran՚s Democracy

c. Iran՚s Nuclear Program

d. Iran՚s relations with Pakistan

e. None of these

Answer: c.

(xvi) Kerry Lugar Bill is about:

a. Aid specifically to Pakistani flood victims

b. Aid to Pakistan

c. Aid to Pakistan Army

d. Aid to Muslim countries

e. None of these

Answer: b.

(xvii) Indo-Chinese war occurred in:

a. 1965

b. 1962

c. 1971

d. 1948

e. None of these

Answer: b.

(xviii) Ho Chi Minh was:

a. Leader of Vietnam

b. Leader of Laos

c. Leader of Thailand

d. Leader of Japan

e. None of these

Answer: a.

(xix) Missile crisis of 1962 was between:

a. USA, USSR and Cuba

b. USA, USSR and Argentine

c. USA, USSR and Egypt

d. USA, USSR and Iran

e. None of these

Answer: a.

(xx) New International Economic Order:

a. Is Economic System structured after the end of Cold War.

b. Was the demand of the rich countries to change the International Economic System

c. Was the demand of the Global South to restructure the International Economic System.

d. Is the International Economic System based on technological revolution

e. None of these.

Answer: c.