International Relations Paper-1991 Solved MCQs Competitive Exams Set 4

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(6) Trygve Lie was the:

(a) Secretary General of the UN

(b) Judge of the ICJ

(c) Secretary General of NATO

(d) Hollywood Actor

Answer: (a)

(7) Lesotho is:

(a) A Baltic republic

(b) An independent state of Africa

(c) An independent state of Latin America

(d) An NGO

Answer: (b)

(8) Durand Line came into existence in:

(a) 1893

(b) 1947

(c) 1979

(d) 1900

Answer: (a)

(9) Who is the author of -The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers?

(a) Henry Kissinger

(b) Richard Nixon

(c) Paul Kennedy

(d) Margaret Thatcher

Answer: (c)

(10) G-15 is:

(a) A group of Third World countries

(b) A group of industrialized countries

(c) A musical group

(d) A military alliance

Answer: (a)

(1) Mexico is located in:

(a) North America

(b) South America

(c) Central America

(d) Africa

Answer: (a)

(2) Phulan devi was a:

(a) Hindu goddess

(b) Film actress

(c) Bandit queen

(d) Secret agent

Answer: (c)

(3) G-7 is a:

(a) Group of industrialized countries

(b) Group of Third World countries

(c) Military alliance

(d) Musical group

Answer: (a)

(4) Kigali is a capital of:

(a) Myanmar

(b) Costa Rica

(c) Rwanda

(d) Laos

Answer: (c)

(5) 1992 Conference on Environment and Development was held in:

(a) Beijing

(b) Cairo

(c) Copenhagen

(d) Rio

Answer: (d)