International Relations Paper-1991 Solved MCQs Competitive Exams Set 6

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(6) Sinn Fein is the name of a:

(a) Secret service

(b) Political party

(c) Film

(d) Famous Chinese restaurant

Answer: (b)

(7) Name the correct Treaty:

(a) Pact of Paris

(b) Locarno Pact

(c) Treaty of Versailles

(d) Treaty of Westphalia

Answer: (a)

(8) Who wrote -Supreme Court and Human Rights?

(a) Burke Marshall

(b) Burns

(c) Machiavelli

(d) Tamizuddin

Answer: (d)

(1) The largest territorial power on earth is:

(a) Canada

(b) USA

(c) China

(d) Russian Federation

Answer: (d)

(2) Dushanbe is the capital of:

(a) Tajikistan

(b) Uzbekistan

(c) Turkmenistan

(d) Kazakhstan

Answer: (a)

(3) Kofi Anan was/is the:

(a) President of Mozambique

(b) Winner of Nobel Peace Prize for 1996

(c) Secretary General of the UN

(d) Chairman of the Organization of African Unity

Answer: (c)

(4) OSCE stands for:

(a) Organization for Science and Culture in Europe

(b) Organization of Social and Scientific Enterprise

(c) Organization for Security and Cooperation Europe

(d) Organization for space cooperation in Europe

Answer: (c)

(5) The last British Governor of Hong Kong was?

(a) Chris Hamilton

(b) Chris Patten

(c) George Patten

(d) Christopher Paterson

Answer: (b)

(6) Larry Collins and Dominique La Pierre wrote:

(a) The Discovery of India

(b) India Wins Freedom

(c) Freedom at What Price?

(d) Freedom at Mid Night

Answer: (d)

(7) Tony Blair is the:

(a) New ruler of Rwanda

(b) New Prime Minister of Great Britain

(c) Captain of Australian hockey team

(d) President of International Monetary Fund

Answer: (b)