International Relations Paper-1991 Solved MCQs Competitive Exams Set 7

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(8) The republic of Botswana is located in:

(a) Southern Africa

(b) West Africa

(c) Latin America

(d) Central Asia

Answer: (a)

(9) Bill Clinton is the:

(a) 40th president of USA

(b) 42th president of USA

(c) 43th president of USA

(d) 44th president of USA

Answer: (b)

(10) The Batista regime in Cuba was overthrown by Fidel Castro in:

(a) January 1959

(b) February 1960

(c) May 1961

(d) March 1962

Answer: (a)

(1) Shive Sena is the name of:

(a) An Irish Leader

(b) A politico-fundamentalist party

(c) A famous tourist resort

(d) A religious sect

Answer: (b)

(2) B. J. Habibie is the:

(a) President of Zambia

(b) Secretary General of SAARC

(c) President of Indonesia

(d) World Squash Champion

Answer: (c)

(3) MS Mieko Nishimizu is the:

(a) Chairperson of the UN Commission on Refugees

(b) President of the IMF

(c) Human Right Activist

(d) Vice President of the World Bank

Answer: (a)

(4) Mobotu Sessesiko was overthrown by:

(a) Laurent Kabila

(b) Robert Mugabe

(c) Kenneth Kaunda

(d) Nelson Mandela

Answer: (a)

(5) The notorious genocide of 1996 in Africa took place between:

(a) Serbs and Bosnians

(b) Ibos and Yorubas

(c) Zulus and the whites

(d) Hutu and Tutsi

Answer: (d)

(6) Iraq Invaded Kuwait in:

(a) February 1991

(b) November 1988

(c) August 1990

(d) April 1982

Answer: (c)