International Relations Paper-1991 Solved MCQs Competitive Exams Set 8

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(7) Who wrote -Voyage Through History?

(a) Chaudhry Muhammad Ali

(b) Musarrt Hussain Zuberi

(c) Ishtiaq Hussain Qureshi

(d) Khalid Bin Sayeed

Answer: (b)

(8) Pakistan carried out its nuclear explosion on:

(a) 23rd March

(b) 7th April

(c) 28th May

(d) 16th October

Answer: (c)

(9) NAFTA stands for North America free trade agreement.

(10) Uneasy Partnership competition and conflict in US - Japanese Trade Relationship is written by:

(a) John White

(b) Stephen D. Gohen

(c) J. K. Galbraith

(d) John K. Holsti

Answer: (b)

(11) The First OIC Summit was held in:

(a) Rabat

(b) Jaddah

(c) Islamabad

(d) Kuwait

Answer: (a)

(12) The US and the erstwhile USSR qualified for Super Power status on the basis of:

(a) Huge population

(b) Industrialization

(c) Military arsenals and worldwide interest

(d) Vast area

Answer: (c)

(13) Who is the author of -Preparing for the Twenty First Century?

(a) Palmer and Perkins

(b) Peter Calvocoress

(c) Paul Kennedy

(d) E. H. Carr

Answer: (c)

(14) Kampala is the capital of:

(a) Azerbaijan

(b) Argentina

(c) Albania

(d) Uganda

Answer: (d)

(15) Pakistan became full member of the NAM in:

(a) 1976

(b) 1949

(c) 1983

(d) 1986

Answer: Pakistan became full member of the NAM in 1979.

(16) Rasko mountain is situated in:

(a) Punjab

(b) Azad Kashmir

(c) Baluchistan

(d) Northern Areas

Answer: (c)