Islamic History and Culture Practice Important MCQs Year 2000 Part 3

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(1) Tariq bin Ziyad conquered Spain in 711 A.D. during the reign of Caliph _______

Ans. Walid

(2) During 719-1031 A.D. Muslim Spain ‗was ruled from the capital of ______ Cordova

Ans. Cordova

3) The great mosque of Cordova was built by __________

Ans. Abdl Rehman 1

(4) Abdur Rahman III assumed the title of caliph in_____________

Ans. 912

5) Fatimid caliphate was established in North Africa in___________

Ans. 909

(6) Nasrid kingdom ruled Granada during __________

Ans. 1238 –1492

(7) Ibn Bassal contributed to the development of agriculture science during_

Ans. Al-Mu’tamid

(8) Paper making industry was introduced to Europe by Islamic Spain by establishing paper industry at _______________


(9) Tarikh Iftitab al-Andlus was written by____________


(10) The technique of cutting crystal was introduced in Muslim Spain by _________


(11) Islamic Spain was ruled by _________ during 796-822 AD.

Ans. Hakam 1

(12) The great city of “Madina tul Zohra” was constructed by _____________

Ans. Abd Rehman 3

(13) The battle of Alarcas was fought in’_________


(14) Muslim Rule in Granada came to an end

Ans. in 1492.

(15) “Calendar of Cardova” was compiled by_____________

Ans. Al Ghafiki

(16) Taug al—Hamamah was authore& by_____________


(17) Al-Masalik wa’l Mamalik was written by _____________


(18) Fiqh _____________ was dominant in Muslim Spain throughout its history.

Ans. Hanbli

(19) Ibn Rushd (Averroes) lived during ______________

Ans. Al Mohades

(20) The earliest Muslim mathematician of Granada was_____________

Ans. Sahil Darir

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