International Law 2008 Paper-Solved MCQs Competitive Exams Set 1

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(1) Diplomatic protection is the protection which a state gives to:

(a) Its nations living abroad through its Embassies

(b) All diplomatic envoy on its own territory

(c) Its own diplomatic agents in the foreign states

(d) None of These

Answer: (b)

(2) Pacta Sunt Servanda means:

(a) A diplomat not acceptable to the receiving state

(b) Agreement between states are to be respected

(c) A pact of ceasefire between the belligerent parties

(d) None of These

Answer: (b)

(3) Briand Kellog Pact was meant to:

(a) End War between France and Britain

(b) Establish peace in western Europe

(c) Denounce war as an instrument for settling disputes.

(d) None of These

Answer: (c)

(4) Treaty of Westphalia was signed in:

(a) 1658

(b) 1680

(c) 1776

(d) None of These (1648)

Answer: (d)

(5) Permanent Court of International Justice was established in:

(a) 1919

(b) 1922

(c) 1915

(d) None of These

Answer: (b)

(6) Srilankan High Commissioner in Islamabad, if found involved in a serious crime in Pakistan, can be

(a) Arrested by local police and put to trial

(b) Arrested and handed over to his home govt

(c) Asked to leave the country by the local authorities

(d) None of These

Answer: (c)

(7) The Law of War and Peace was writtern by:

(a) Hegel

(b) Kelsen

(c) Grotius

(d) None of These

Answer: (c)

(8) Permanent Cout of Arbitration was an outcome of:

(a) League of Nations

(b) UNO

(c) Hague Conference 1907

(d) None of These

Answer: (c)

(9) Albama claims Arbitration Award 1872 established certain principles of:

(a) Nationality

(b) Neutrality

(c) Extradition

(d) None of These

Answer: ()

(10) The leader of positive school of thought was:

(a) Bynkershok

(b) Stark

(c) Extradition

(d) None of These

Answer: (a)

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