Competitive Exams: Library & Information Science MCQs (Practice_Test 1 of 25)

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  1. ASK (Approach, Skill, Knowledge) principle is related to

    1. Classification

    2. Management

    3. ICT

    4. Standards

    Answer: b

  2. The subject of Research Methodology is the outcome of the mode of formation of subject, known as

    1. Loose Assemblage

    2. Fission

    3. Distillation

    4. Cluster

    Answer: c

  3. IIA founded in U. S. A. In 1968 stands for

    1. Integrated Industry Association

    2. Information Industry Association

    3. Integrated Illiteracy eradication Association

    4. Institute of Information Association.

    Answer: b

  4. BSO in classification stands for

    1. Basic Subject of Organisation

    2. Broad Subject Ordering

    3. Bibliography of Subject Ordering

    4. Bibliographic Subject Organisation

    Answer: b

  5. The concept of Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) was introduced by

    1. Kaiser

    2. Luhn of IBM

    3. S. R. Ranganathan

    4. Derek Austin.

    Answer: b

  6. The book ‘Library Administration’ was brought out by Ranganathan in

    1. 1925

    2. 1933

    3. 1931

    4. 1935

    Answer: d

  7. Among the following which has not been considered as a library of national importance

    1. Saraswati Mahal Library

    2. Delhi Public Library

    3. Kudha Baksh Oriental Library

    4. The Rampur Raza Library

    Answer: d

  8. The term Lexicography is associated with:

    1. Compilation of Encyclopedia

    2. Compilation of Hand books

    3. Compilation of Dictionaries

    4. None of the above

    Answer: c

  9. A Pre-print is a/an

    1. Article to be presented in a conference

    2. Conference paper to be included in the proceedings

    3. Neither a nor b

    4. Both a and b

    Answer: d

  10. Binary system of numbers uses only

    1. Two digits

    2. Four digits

    3. Eight digits

    4. Six digits

    Answer: a

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