Competitive Exams: Library & Information Science MCQs (Practice_Test 24 of 25)

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  1. ‘Facts on File’ is a

    1. Weekly list

    2. Fortnightly

    3. Monthly

    4. Quarterly

    Answer: a

  2. The term “Information Service” is an improvised name …

    1. Administration

    2. Documentation

    3. Bibliography

    4. Reference service

    Answer: d

  3. Abstracting service provides…

    1. Abstract of articles

    2. Whole bibliographic description of articles

    3. Whole bibliographic description along with abstracts of article

    4. Whole bibliographic sources

    Answer: c

  4. Which service demands the creation of a ‘user’ profile?

    1. CAS

    2. Information retrieval

    3. SDI

    4. Reference service

    Answer: c

  5. CAS is defined as

    1. A process of dissemination of information

    2. A process of information

    3. A process of dissemination of current information

    4. A simple information service

    Answer: c

  6. Feedback mechanism is a part of which service?

    1. Reprography service

    2. CAS

    3. Translation service

    4. SDI

    Answer: d

  7. Mobile library is a kind of which service?

    1. Reference service

    2. Extension service

    3. Ready reference service

    4. Long range reference service

    Answer: b

  8. The person who provides reference service is called

    1. Chief librarian

    2. Grade One Librarian

    3. Deputy Librarian

    4. Reference Librarian

    Answer: d

  9. Reading centre, story hours, exhibition and reading to literature are form of

    1. Extension service

    2. Service of Public library

    3. Both

    4. None

    Answer: a

  10. What is the another name of Added entries?

    1. Main entry

    2. Cross reference entry

    3. Secondary entries

    4. Subject entry

    Answer: c