Competitive Exams: Library & Information Science MCQs (Practice_Test 6 of 25)

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  1. Physical condition of the books should be property maintained. This is known as

    1. Collation.

    2. Conservation

    3. Shelf-arrangement

    4. Organization

    Answer: b

  2. ________ is an important record of books, which shows the position of any book on the shelves.

    1. Bay Guide

    2. Authority File

    3. Accession List.

    4. Shelf. List

    Answer: d

  3. Three great achievements in U. S. A. Were noticed i.e.. Enunciation of DDC classification scheme, formation of American Library Association and the publication of 1st Journal of the librarianship in the year

    1. 1857

    2. 1859

    3. 1876

    4. 1901.

    Answer: c

  4. Books lost from the library are known through ________

    1. Stock verification

    2. Charging and discharging

    3. Shelf list

    4. Accession Register

    Answer: a

  5. LA is the Library Association of

    1. Manipur

    2. Andhra Pradesh

    3. Great Britain

    4. Canada.

    Answer: c

  6. Of the following libraries in India, which one is the oldest library?

    1. Asiatic Society Library, Bombay

    2. Connemara Public Library, Madras

    3. Delhi Public Library, Delhi

    4. National Library of India, Calcutta.

    Answer: d

  7. The first centre to use computer in the library and information activities in India is

    1. DESIDOC

    2. INSDOC

    3. DRTC

    4. UGC.

    Answer: b

  8. User education may be provided in four interrelated areas which are

    1. User's awareness, user studies, library orientation, bibliographic instruction

    2. User's awareness, library orientation, inter-profiling, bibliographic instruction

    3. Aptitude test of the users, use of cataloguing, inter-profiling, user's awareness

    4. Bibliographic instruction, library orientation, computer literacy, user's awareness.

    Answer: a

  9. ‘Fair use’ is the norm for determining the legality of

    1. Producing the second edition of a book

    2. Photocopying an entire book

    3. Making available a book to another library on inter-library loan

    4. Prescribing a book as a text book.

    Answer: b

  10. Generally a reference service of a library in the conventional form is processed through the stages which are

    1. Preparation, service, assimilation

    2. Indexing, orientation, delivery of the query's reply

    3. Orientation, user's study, photocopy supplied

    4. Preparation, orientation, delivery of the query's reply.

    Answer: a

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