Library Science Multiple Choice Questions Library Information Systems Library Management, Cataloguing Part 12

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42. Food and Agriculture Organisation sponsored the —





Answer: D

43. It consists of print and non-print materials as well as human resources

that are eligible to be shared in ways that enhance the quality of service —

A. Library Resources

B. Library Staff

C. Library Management

D. Networking

Answer: A

44. The main objective/s of resource sharing in libraries is/are —

A. reduction in all round cost

B. avoidance of unnecessary duplication of information resources & their processing and maintenance costs.

C. development of specialised areas of collection building, each library concentrating on areas of its own concern.

D. All of the above

Answer: D

45. Which is/are important in Resource sharing system?

A. Record keeping

B. Acquisitions policy

C. Loan transaction

D. All of the above

Answer: D

46. Resource sharing requires on reach an agreement on -

A. type of material to share & acquisition policy

B. circulation policy and co-operative cataloguing & their maintenance.

C. production of union catalogue with uniformity and standardization of bibliographic control

D. All of the above

Answer: D

47. What is the philosophy behind the concept of resource sharing in libraries? i

A. “Access” to information resources available in the libraries,

B. “Equivalence” which means libraries should not only receive but should also


C. Both of the above

D. None of the above

Answer: C

48. A library activity which lends on loan documents required by another library

users is —

A. Inter-Library Loan (ILL)

B. Document Delivery Service (DDS)

C. Management Information Service (MS)


Answer: A

49. It is an automated catalogue system stored in machine readable form &

accessed on-line by the library clientele- via-a V. D. U. employing a user-friendly software is —

A. On-line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

B. Inter Library Loan (ILL)

C. Resource sharing

D. Library Union Catalogue (LUC)

Answer: A

50. Who was the head of Working Group of Planning Commission on Libraries & Informatics for the modernization of library services and inter-linking of

library systems (1985 - 1990) ?

A. Dr. S. R. Ranganathan

B. Dr. N. Seshagiri

C. Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

D. Dr. S. Ramachandran

Answer: B

51. Which was originally started as a project of India International Centre (IXC) , New

Delhi with the financial support from NISSAT?





Answer: A

52. DELNET became a registered society in the year —

A. September, 1973

B. March, 1992

C. April, 2000

D. October, 1995

Answer: B

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