Library Science Multiple Choice Questions Library Information Systems Library Management, Cataloguing Part 2

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18. Match the following:

Match the Following
Column AColumn B
(a) Formatted1. the shape, size & general make-up
(b) Methodology2. the science of method
(c) Tentative3. the nature of an experiment, trial or attempt made or done provisionally

A. (a) - 1, (b) - 3, (c) -2

B. (a) - 2, (b) - 3, (c) -1

C. (a) - 1, (b) - 2, (c) -3

D. (a) - 2, (b) - 1, (c) -3

Answer: C

19. Which is/are an essential ingredient of any research problem?

A. data

B: researcher

C. resources

D. all of above

Answer: A

20. A candidate should do before finalizing a topic of research is/are

A. the topic selected is relevant to the society

B. it is likely to add to the existing stock of knowledge

C. the topic should be innovative at least in part if not as whole

D. all of the above

Answer: D

21. What is a collective term denoting the various processes by the aid of which the sciences are built-up?

A. Scientific method

B. Knowledge method

C. Hypothesis

D. Procedure

Answer: A

22. A tentative outline of a researcher proposal and a guideline to keep the researcher on the right track is

A. Research Methodology

B. Data collection

C. Research Design

D. Hypothesis

Answer: B

23. Which is not a component of a Research plan?

A. Title, problem, area and scope of the study

B. Hypothesis, concepts, Methodology, data collection

C. Analysis, Interpretation, Report and Bibliography

D. Zero-base planning, Hyper action and finance

Answer: D

24. The important feature/s of Research design is/are

A. Regularity & Verifiability

B. Universality & Objectivity

C. Systematization & Predictability

D. all of these

Answer: D

25. A smaller representation of a larger whole on the basis of which a judgement or inference about aggregate or totality is made, is -

A. Scientific method

B. Sampling

C. Research process

D. all of these

Answer: B

26. When the whole group is taken for the study, from which the sample has been drawn is

A. Population

B. Universe

C. Both of these

D. None of these

Answer: C

27. The person who conducts public opinion polls is

A. Poller

B. Pollster

C. Repollar

D. Any of these

Answer: B

28. Which is not a random sampling?

A. Lottery method

B. Grid system

C. Numbers method

D. Census method

Answer: D

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