Library Science Multiple Choice Questions Library Information Systems Library Management, Cataloguing Part 21

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40. Isolates such as winter, night, contury, millennia etc. are the manifestations of —

A. personality fundamental category

B. matter fundamental category

C. space fundamental category

D. time fundamental category

Answer: D

41. In which scheme of classification the facet, relation sign double colon (::) is used when a reversal of two facets is not required?

A. C. C

B. D. D. C.

C. U. D. C

D. L. C.

Answer: A

42. “Chemistry for Biologists” is an example of —

A. intra subject phase relation

B. intra facet phase relation

C. intra array phase relation

D. inter subject phase relation

Answer: B

43. The phase is also referred to as “Exposition phase” —

A. Tool

B. Comparison

C. Biased

D. Influence

Answer: C

44. Which notation of Bibliographic Classification of Mills is now generally

used as a phase link?

A. Comma

B. Colon

C. Hyphen

D. Dot

Answer: C

45. It is a digit with an ordinal value but without a semantic value —

A. Indicator digit

B. Empty digit

C. Emptying digit

D. Empty-emptying

Answer: A

46. In the 7th edition of Colon Classification, for phase relation the indicator digit is —

A. dot

B. colon

C. hyphen

D. ampersand

Answer: B

47. In U. D. C. scheme, the digit 4 used for linguistics has been frozen & linguistics have been shifted to class —

A. 5

B. 6

C. 7

D. 8

Answer: B

48. The U. D. C. is a —

A. faceted classification

B. rigidly faceted classification

C. enumerative classification

D. fully faceted classification

Answer: A

49. DDC-21 on CD-ROM is________ based LAN Compatible Microsoft System.




D. Windows

Answer: B

50. The electronic version of DDC-20th edition was issued in 1993 on CD-ROM

titled —

A. Dewey online

B. Electronic Dewey

C. Dewey for windows

D. D. C.

Answer: C

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