Library Science Multiple Choice Questions Library Information Systems Library Management, Cataloguing Part 24

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73. Which catalogue is a variation & extension of an author catalogue?

A. Subject

B. Classified

C. Name

D. Alphabetico-classes

Answer: C

74. The catalogue where all the entries are arranged in a single alphabetical order is —

A. author catalogue

B. dictionary catalogue

C. subject catalogue

D. title catalogue

Answer: B

75. ALA Filling Rules was first published in the year —

A. 1942

B. 1956

C. 1961

D. 1968

Answer: A

76. In Bibliographic data formats, codes used to identify different data elements in the record is known as —

A. Record label

B. Directory

C. Data fields

D. Content designer

Answer: D

77. The system in which the main entry and added entry carry the same information about the document is —

A. Unit Card system

B. Additional Card system

C. Combined Card system

D. MARC Card system

Answer: A

78. The first edition of CCF was published in the year —

A. 1962

B. 1974

C. 1984

D. 1976

Answer: C

79. In AACR-2R, the courts are entered under their —

A. name directly

B. name of chief of Justice

C. name of Govt.

D. jurisdiction

Answer: C

80. In CCC, the Editor of series Entry is called —

A. cross reference entry

B. cross reference index entry

C. book index entry

D. class index entry

Answer: B

81. The types of analytical entries in CCC is/are —

A. author analytical

B. title analytical

C. subject analytical

D. all of the above

Answer: C

82. In AACR-2R, the anonymous works of personal authors are to be entered under —

A. title

B. editor

C. subject

D. collaborator

Answer: A

83. According to AACR 2R, collections of treaties between two parties are to be entered under —

A. title entry

B. uniform entry

C. country name

D. signing parties

Answer: B

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