Library Science Multiple Choice Questions Library Information Systems Library Management, Cataloguing Part 26

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95. A device for searching through a fragment of the search term so that it can match related terms starting with the same terms is called as —

A. Boolean search

B. Truncation

C. Thesaurus

D. Indexing language

Answer: A

96. Concept of Theasuro-Facet has been developed by —

A. Ranganathan

B. Jean Aitkinson

C. Derek Austin

D. Ganesh Bhattacharya

Answer: B

97. K. W. A. C. stands for —

A. Keyboard Associate Context

B. Keyword & Context

C. Keyboard Abbreviated Context

D. Keyword Added Context

Answer: B

98. Computer Added Subject System (COMPASS) was introduced for BNB in the year —

A. 1981

B. 1991

C. 1994

D. 1997

Answer: B

99. Which is the world՚s largest & most comprehensive bibliographic database?

A. First search

B. World cat

C. Prompt cat

D. O. C. L. C. Access Services

Answer: D

100. The World Cat Service is provided by —

A. R. L. I. N.

B. L. C.

C. W. L. N.

D. O. C. L. C

Answer: D

101. It is a system of terms used to denote the classes or ranked isolates in a scheme for classification —

A. Terminology

B. Classification

C. Taxonomy

D. Notion

Answer: C

102. The terms that define the basic concepts which are germane to the very nature of classification process are —

A. Assumed

B. Fundamental

C. Normative

D. Associative

Answer: C

103. Classification in Sense 2 is —

A. Universe

B. Entity

C. Division

D. Assortment

Answer: D

104. Any sub-aggregate of the entities formed by the division of the entities of a universe

is called as —

A. Group

B. Class

C. Universe

D. Entity

Answer: A

105. When entities are books or other items of information, their classification is known

as —

A. Book

B. Library

C. Depth

D. Broad

Answer: B

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