Library Science Multiple Choice Questions Library Information Systems Library Management, Cataloguing Part 30

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139. The digits a, b, c, e and g in C. C. represent —

A. intra-array phase relation

B. intra-facet phase relation

C. intra-isolates phase relation

D. inter-subject phase relation

Answer: B

140. Mathematics for Engineers are the examples of which phase relation?

A. General

B. Bias

C. Influence

D. Comparison

Answer: B

141. In D. D. C. , the common isolates are called —

A. Special sub-divisions

B. Auxiliary sub-divisions

C. Common sub-divisions

D. Standard sub-divisions

Answer: B

142. The connecting symbol for the time element in U. D. C. is —

A. dot (.)

B. semi colon (;)

C. plus (+)

D. double inverted comma (″″)

Answer: B

143. A digit with an ordinal value but without a semantic value is called —

A. special digit

B. empty digit

C. emptying digit

D. empty-emptying digit

Answer: A

144. Which notation is used in DDC refers to the principal of dividing each class into ten sub-divisions & each of these subdivisions into another ten sub-divisions?

A. Decimal

B. Mixed

C. Pure

D. Apha-numeric

Answer: A

145. Which edition of DDC appeared in two formats i.e.. ; in Print & Dewey for Windows (CD versions) ?

A. 17th

B. 19th

C. 20th

D. 21th

Answer: D

146. CC versions 2 has been described a/an —

A. faceted scheme

B. almost freely faceted scheme

C. rigidly faceted scheme

D. fully freely faceted scheme

Answer: D

147. The A. C. I. “K” -cyclopaedia & “m” - periodical are applicable before —

A. Personality

B. Energy

C. Time

D. Space

Answer: A

148. In UDC scheme the digit 4 (linguistics) has been frozen and shifted to class —

A. 5

B. 6

C. 7

D. 8

Answer: A

149. The basis of the outline of main classes of ________ is said to be Bacon՚s chart of Learning.

A. Colon Classification

B. Library of Congress

C. Universal Decimal Classification

D. Dewey Decimal Classification

Answer: B

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