Library Science Multiple Choice Questions Library Information Systems Library Management, Cataloguing Part 31

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150. DRTC was established in Bengaluru in 1962 by —

A. G. Bhattacharya

B. A. Neelameghan

C. Dr. S. R. Ranganathan

D. MA. Gopinath

Answer: C

151. The device/s in U. D. C. is/are —

A. Geographical devices

B. Alphabetical devices

C. Both of above

D. None of above

Answer: C

152. From the archaeological finds of the Assyro-Babylonian clay tablets the antiquity of the library catalogue can be easily placed around —

A. 200 B. C.

B. 2000 B. C.

C. 1000 B. C.

D. 400 B. C.

Answer: D

153. A list of documents reflecting exactly the way the documents are arranged on the shelves are called as —

A. Library catalogue

B. Shelf register

C. Accession register

D. Publisher catalogue

Answer: A

154. If a catalogue represents the collection of two or more libraries, it is called as —

A. Union Catalogue

B. Library catalogue

C. Bibliographies

D. Publisher՚s catalogue

Answer: A

155. The arrangement of cataloguing entries in a logical & systematic order to fall into

a helpful sequence for storage & retrieval is called as —

A. Card form

B. Alphabetical form

C. Classified form

D. Inner form

Answer: A

156. Classified catalogue consists of —

A. the classified part

B. the alphabetical part

C. both of above

D. all of the above

Answer: C

157. Panizzi՚s Rules of cataloguing is also known as —

A. British Museum Cataloguing Rules

B. Jewett՚s Rules

C. Cutter Rules

D. AA Rules

Answer: A

158. Entries that go into a catalogue for parts & chapters of a book is —

A. main entries

B. analytical entries

C. chapter entries

D. reference entries

Answer: C

159. Cutter՚s rules for Dictionary catalogue was first published in —

A. 1876

B. 1889

C. 1904

D. 1908

Answer: D

160. The Classified Catalogue has two parts, the classified part and —

A. dictionary part

B. alphabetical part

C. name part

D. author part

Answer: B

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