Library Science Multiple Choice Questions Library Information Systems Library Management, Cataloguing Part 32

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161. A record of all additional entries is known as —

A. Unit Card

B. Book Index Entry

C. Tracing

D. Added Entry

Answer: A

162. Which section in the C. C. C. is that section which records authorship or its substitute element?

A. Heading

B. Leading

C. Title

D. Author

Answer: A

163. The equipments such as Chaindex and Stripdex are associated with —

A. Machine readable catalogue

B. Microform catalogue

C. Visible Index form of catalogue

D. Conventional catalogue

Answer: C

164. The complete catalogue record of an item, presented in the form by which the entry is to be uniformly identified & is —

A. Main Entry

B. Added Entry

C. Uniform Entry

D. Additional Entry

Answer: C

165. In CCC, the Editor of Series entry is called as —

A. Cross reference entry

B. Cross reference Index entry

C. Book Index entry

D. Class Index entry

Answer: A

166. The cabinet for placing catalogue cards is known as —

A. Kardex

B. Chaindex

C. Stripdex

D. All of the above

Answer: D

167. In AACR-2 R under “choice of Name” there are —

A. 15 rules

B. 17 rules

C. 19 rules

D. 20 rules

Answer: C

168. The system in which the main entry and added entries carry the same information about the document is —

A. MARC card system

B. Unit Card system

C. Additional Card system

D. Combined Card system

Answer: B

169. In CCC, the Editor of Series entry is called —

A. Cross reference entry

B. Book Index entry

C. Class Index entry

D. Cross reference index entry

Answer: A

170. In CCC, Conferences & congress are entered under the —

A. name of sponsor

B. name of the place

C. name by which they are known

D. under the country name.

Answer: A

171. Cutter Mark is used for —

A. Collection

B. Book

C. Call

D. Class

Answer: A

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