Library Science Multiple Choice Questions Library Information Systems Library Management, Cataloguing Part 6

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63. The difficulties and problems in the Case study technique are

A. false sense of confidence

B. lack of quantitative study

C. unorganised & unsystematic

D. all of these

Answer: D

64. Match the following:

Match the Following
Column AMatch B
(a) Based on metric concept1. Sociometric
(b) Based on quantification2. Quantitative
(c) Internal scale in which an absolute zero point exists3. Interval scale
4. Ratio scale

A. (a) - 1, (b) - 2, (c) -4

B. (a) - 1, (b) - 3, (c) -2

C. (a) - 4, (b) - 3, (c) -2

D. (a) - 3, (b) - 2, (c) -4

Answer: D

65. Selection of cases, identification of situation, recording of data, interpretation of data are the steps of

A. Case study technique

B. Evaluation Studies

C. Survey design

D. sampling Survey

Answer: A

66. Application of statistical methods in Library management is

A. Sociometry

B. Bibliometry

C. Librametry

D. Thesaumetry

Answer: B

67. An indirect method of data collection used as an approach to obtain information from

respondents are

A. Case study technique

B. Projective technique

C. Accentuation

D. Delphi technique

Answer: B

68. The need & purpose of statistical study is to

A. undertake a comparative study of the phenomena

B. analyse the relationship between data

C. deal exclusively with quantitative phenomena

D. all of above

Answer: D

69. The process that involves the application of different statistical tools like averages, dispersion, correlation etc. is

A. presentation of data

B. Analysis of data

C. Scale study

D. Sample Study

Answer: B

70. Which is not a properly matched?

A. condensation-act of making a book, speech, report etc.

B. Accentuation-to emphasize something in any contest

C. Abstraction-an idea of a quality as separate from object

D. Typology-a collection of wrong fonts and alphabets

Answer: D

71. The statistical techniques can be used in a Library as a tool for

A. the preparation of Annual Report

B. planning its services as recruitment of staff

C. acquisition of books and to know the efficiency of staff working in library.

D. all of the above

Answer: D

72. The steps in statistical study is/are

A. Presentation of data

B. Analysis of data

C. Interpretation of data

D. All of these

Answer: D

73. Inkblot tests, storytelling tests, Graphic techniques are the techniques of

A. Case study survey

B. Projective technique

C. Survey design

D. Objective technique

Answer: B

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