Library Science Multiple Choice Questions Library Information Systems Library Management, Cataloguing Part 9

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1. The restated fifth law of Library Science in the changing world is ________ a growing organism.

A. Information System

B. Public Library

C. Learning System

D. College Library

Answer: A

2. Location of library building is an implication of which Law of Library


A. Fourth

B. First

C. Third

D. Fifth

Answer: B

3. A variant to the second Law of Library Science is —

A. Closed access

B. Open access

C. Books for all

D. Books for limited user՚s

Answer: C

4. Who proposed the “Five Laws of Library Science” ?

A. Thomas Bray

B. Paul Otlet

C. Grogan

D. Dr. S. R. Ranganathan

Answer: D

5. Author՚s right to claim ownership of a created work is —

A. Intellectual Property right

B. Delivery of Books Act

C. Censorship

D. Press Act

Answer: A

6. I. B. M. is —

A. International Bibliographic Method

B. International Business Machines

C. International Book Market

D. Indian Business Machines

Answer: B

7. Information infrastructure is also called as —

A. Information product

B. Information provider

C. Information industry

D. Information superhighway

Answer: C

8. The British Library Act came into operation in —

A. 1953

B. 1983

C. 1993

D. 1973

Answer: D

9. Public Library Development in India as a movement was initially started from —

A. Baroda

B. Pune

C. Kolkata

D. Ahmedabad

Answer: A

10. In which year, the -first general library law was enacted in U. S. A. at national


A. 1946

B. 1956

C. 1966

D. 1976

Answer: B

11. Fourth Law of Library Science has direct implication on —

A. Library building

B. Library staff

C. Classification & cataloguing

D. Library building

Answer: C

12. The National Union Catalogue of scientific serials is compiled and

maintained by —


B. library of Congress

C. National Library Kolkata


Answer: D

13. Karnataka Public Library Act was enacted in the year —

A. 1965

B. 1975

C. 1969

D. 1970

Answer: A

14. Which Public Library Act provides an independent Ministry for library


A. Kerala

B. West Bengal

C. Mizoram

D. Manipur

Answer: B

15. Indian Science Abstracts is published by-





Answer: C

16. UNESCO attempted to make user education programme through —





Answer: D

17. Resources sharing eliminated duplication of money, manpower and —

A. material

B. language

C. time

D. religion

Answer: A

18. Which is one of the traditional ways of sharing resources among libraries?

A. Library Association

B. Inter-Library Loan

C. Library Conference

D. Purchase of Computer

Answer: B

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