Managment Solved Questions (Practice_Test 2 of 10)

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  1. Monitoring employees through a preplanned series of position is called:

    1. Promotion

    2. Succession planning

    3. Job reporting

    4. Job rotation

    Answer: b

  2. A situation where management is unable to provide employment due to nonavailability of work is called:

    1. Lock out

    2. Lay off

    3. Termination

    4. Closure

    Answer: b

  3. The basic goal of financial management is:

    1. Maximizing the profit

    2. Maximizing shareholders'wealth n the long run

    3. Maximizing the rate of dividend

    4. Minimizing the business risk.

    Answer: a

  4. The principal value of a bond is called:

    1. Coupon rate

    2. Par value

    3. Maturity value

    4. Market value

    Answer: b

  5. Trade credit is a:

    1. Negotiated source of finance

    2. Hybrid source of finance

    3. Spontaneous source of finance

    4. Source of credit from the owners of the business

    Answer: a

  6. IRR is the rate of interest:

    1. Equal to the cost of capital of the proposal

    2. Prevailing rate interest in the market

    3. Paid on the bonds by the firm

    4. That makes the NPV of capital proposal almost zero

    Answer: d

  7. Mutually exclusive investment proposals are these:

    1. Wherein the acceptance of one proposal leads to rejection of all other proposals

    2. That requires special sources of financing

    3. That has unique features

    4. The reduce the total risk complexion of the firm

    Answer: a

  8. The technique used for classifying inventory according to the value of usage is called:

    1. XYZ Analysis

    2. DCF Analysis

    3. ABC Analysis

    4. DEF Analysis

    Answer: a

  9. When a consumer derives more satisfaction from a product/service than his expectation, it is known as:

    1. Consumer satisfaction

    2. Consumer delight

    3. Consumer dazzling

    4. Consumer dissatisfaction

    Answer: b

  10. Classical conditioning is associated with:

    1. Repetition

    2. Generalization

    3. Discrimination

    4. All

    Answer: a