Multiple Choice Questions for Marketing Aptitude Part 8

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Q.117 Retailing includes all activities incident to selling to the ultimate ––––

  1. Consumer

  2. firm

  3. agents

  4. wholesaler

Answer: 1

Q.118 Product based organisations are divided into units that specialize in marketing certain products or types of ––––

  1. product

  2. service

  3. firm

  4. channel

Answer: 1

Q.119 Marketing Environment systems covers ––––

  1. Marketing information system

  2. Monitoring and control system

  3. Marketing planning system

  4. All of these

Answer: 4

Q.120 Marketing characteristics are –––––

  1. Profit orientation

  2. need based marketing strategy

  3. product market segmentation

  4. All of these

Answer: 4

Q. 121 Marketing management is the process of product planning, pricing, promotion and –––– along with the services to generate transaction that satisfies the organisational and user objectives.

  1. distribution

  2. reward

  3. goals

  4. none of these

Answer: 1

Q. 122 Which one of the following is not theories of buying behaviour?

  1. Inhierent v/s learned motives

  2. Emotional v/s rational motives

  3. Consumer variable v/s product variable

  4. all of these

Answer: 4

Q.123 The Tertiary environment has a territorial phenomenon comprising of ––––

  1. demography

  2. economic issues

  3. technology

  4. all of these

Answer: 4

Q.124 The marketing process involves____

  1. human needs

  2. demand flow

  3. product

  4. exchange

  5. utility

  6. all these

Answer: 6

Q. 125 Customer driven consists –––––

  1. vision

  2. mission

  3. appraisal

  4. all of these

Answer: 4

Q.126 β€œMotivational research is a form of market research that attempts to discover the deepest reasons why people buy” Who said it?

  1. Manson and Rath

  2. Stanton

  3. Still and Scweff

  4. None of these

Answer: 2

Q.127 Basic needs consists ––––

  1. Physical needs like ––– Food, drink

  2. Safety needs –– Insurance

  3. Love needs –– Love with wife and child

  4. Goodwill/ reputation needs –– Honour

  5. All of these

Answer: 5

Q.128 The procedure for segmenting the industrial markets is different than the ––––

  1. Consumer markets

  2. Business markets

  3. Industrial markets

  4. All of these

Answer: 1

Q.129 Which of the following statement is true?

  1. Test marketing is the stage where the entire product and marketing programming is tried out for the first time in a small number of well-chosen and authentic sales environments.

  2. Product line - a group of products that are closely related either because they satisfy a class of need, are used together are sold to the same customer groups, are marketed through the same types of outlets, or fall within given price ranges.

  3. Product-mix-the composite of product offered for sale by a firm or a business unit.

  4. All of these

Answer: 4