Political Science 2008 Paper 1-Solved MCQs Competitive Exams Set 1

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(1) “Justice as treating equals equally and unequals unequally” who said this:

(A) Aristotle

(B) J. S. Mill

(C) T. H. Green

(D) None of these

Answer: (a)

(2) Which of the following are elements of Marxism?

(A) Concept of surplus value

(B) Dialectical Materialism

(C) Doctrine of class struggle

(D) None of these

Answer: (b)

(3) The concept of ‘legal sovereignty’ was for the first time given by:

(A) Hobbes

(B) Locke

(C) Bentham

(D) None of these

Answer: (b)

(4) The natural rights of the people according to Locke are:

(A) Right to life, liberty and property

(B) Right to self-preservation and right to property

(C) Right to life and equality and right to property

(D) None of these.

Answer: (a)

(5) The welfare theory believes that the state is:

(A) Means

(B) An end

(C) An organism

(D) None of these

Answer: (a)

(6) Which of the following is incorrect about Plato՚s views on Communism of Wives?

(A) Plato considers family as a stumbling block

(B) Abortion was strictly prohibited

(C) There should be a state controlled to get a nation perfect in body and mind

(D) None of these

Answer: (b)

(7) Aristotle was famous student of:

(A) Anaxagoras

(B) Hermes

(C) Socrates

(D) None of these

Answer: (d)

(8) Plato wrote the famous book:

(A) Leviathan

(B) The Republic

(C) The clouds

(D) None of these

Answer: (b)

(9) “The end of Politics is not knowledge but action” who said it:

(A) Plato

(B) Aristotle

(C) Montesquieu

(D) None of these

Answer: (b)

(10) When did Machiavelli die?

(A) 1469 AD

(B) 1527 AD

(C) 1523 AD

(D) None of these

Answer: (b)