Competitive Exams: Political Science MCQs (Practice_Test 4 of 150)

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  1. Which one of the following countries introduced universal adult franchise in one move?
    1. UK
    2. India
    3. USA
    4. Australia
  2. Who among the following argued that universal suffrage does injustice to property owners?
    1. Herny Maine
    2. H J Laski
    3. J S Mill
    4. W F Willoughby
  3. Which one of the following is the judicial function of the executive?
    1. Passing bills
    2. Protecting legislative privileges
    3. Impeachment
    4. Giving reprieve to persons who have been awarded capital punishment
  4. Public opinion necessarily means opinion
    1. Based on reason
    2. Of the majority
    3. Which aims at the welfare of the whole community
    4. Of all concerned
  5. Consider the following pairs:
      • Locke
      • Liberty and licence
      • Isaiaih Berlin
      • Dictatorship of the party
      • Bentham
      • Doctrine of consent

    Which of these Paris are correctly matched?

    1. 1 and 2
    2. 2 and 3
    3. 1,2 and 3
    4. 1 and 3
  6. J S Mill recommended complete freedom of speech and censorship
    1. In the case of a false view
    2. In the cases of a false view and a view that is partially true and partially false
    3. In the case of view that is both partially true and partially false
    4. In all case irrespective of whether a view is partially or wholly true or false
  7. Who among the following was of the view that control a corporate world on mass media has transformed the press from a watchdog of democracy to a system of though control for duping ordinary citizens into conforming to corporatism?
    1. Noam Chomsky
    2. Raymond Aitn
    3. John rawls
    4. Karl Popper
  8. Who among the following described democracy as the tyranny of the majority?
    1. J Rousseau
    2. De Tocqueville
    3. John Dunning
    4. James Madison
  9. The thinker who has been characterized as a reluctant democrat, is
    1. J Bentham
    2. F Burke
    3. T H Green
    4. J S Mill
  10. Which one of the following functions pertains only to political party and not to pressure group?
    1. Collecting money for the organization
    2. Contesting political election with own symbol
    3. Organizing public meetings and rallies
    4. Publishing pamphlets and leaflets
  11. Who among the following argued that a properly liberal Society would be regulated by truly general and unbiased rules which would not have any bearing on distributive issues?
    1. John Rawis
    2. F A 1-layek
    3. Ronald Dowrkin
    4. H J Laski
  12. There are now four doctrines of liberalism. The correct order in which they appeared is
    1. Meetantilism, Free Trade, Social Darwinism, Interventionism
    2. Mercantilism, Free Trade, Interventionism social Darwinism
    3. Free Trade, Mercantilism, Interventionism, social Darwinism
    4. Free Trade, Mercantilism, Social

    Darwinism, Interventionism

  13. Which one of the following statements provides the best representation of Hayek՚s opposition to planning?
    1. A market gives just deserts and hence is morally more acceptable than planning
    2. A market does not distribute according to any moral distribution and hence maintains a free society
    3. Planning is liable to be faulty
    4. Distribution through market is more efficient than distribution through planning
  14. Early socialists who confused capitalism with industrialism and wanted to retain only agricultural about included
    1. Fourier and Cabet
    2. Fourier and Prodhon
    3. Proudhon, Fourier and Cabet
    4. Jefferson, Proudhon and Cabet
  15. Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched?
      • Nazism
      • Italy
      • Guild
      • France Socialism
      • Fascism
      • Germany
      • Fabianism
      • Britain