Competitive Exams: Political Science MCQs (Practice_Test 64 of 150)

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  1. The constituent assembly which was held in may 1787, to draft the constitution of USA was known as the
    1. National assembly
    2. Constituent assembly
    3. Philadelphia Convention
    4. Congress
  2. Which one of the following statements correctly describes the position of the British Prime Minister?
    1. He is the decisive master of the cabinet
    2. He is more than primus inter pares but less than an autocrat
    3. He is the source of legislative actions and executive decisions
    4. He must necessarily satisfy the leader to her other party
  3. The date on which the newly elected president of USA assumes office is
    1. The day following his election
    2. 4th March following the election
    3. 20th January after the election
    4. 20th February after the election
  4. The supreme court of America is the third house of the legislature. Laski The power that makes the supreme court the third chamber of the legislature is
    1. Original
    2. Appellate
    3. Advisory
    4. Judicial review
  5. A system of government which falls in a class by itself. Which differs fundamentally from the presidential and cabinet types, but which combines certain features of both, is prevalent in
    1. France
    2. Switzerland
    3. Italy
    4. Germany
  6. The senate of the USA is the strongest of all the Upper houses in the world today. In the light of this statement which one of the following is irrelevant? 9 of 10
    1. Treaties signed by the president must be approved by the senate
    2. All political appointments at federal level made by up president are to be approved by the senate
    3. Powers of the house of representatives can be curtailed by the senate
    4. No constitutional amendment can be passed without by the senate
  7. Which one of the following statements is true in respect of the French President?
    1. The president has to abide by the advice given by his cabinet
    2. In the event of a tie, President has a casing vote
    3. The president՚s strong executive authority is circumscribed by the arrangement of checks and balances
    4. In the fields which he considers vital, the President rules as well as reigns
  8. The quintessence of federalism is a two way traffic between the centre and the state and requires some sort of reciprocity, tolerance and mutual adjustment. Which one of the following would correctly indicate the quintessence of federalism?
    1. Competitive
    2. Antagonistic
    3. Cooperative
    4. Complementary
    • Assertion (A) : Today in general, there is a tendency towards decline in the functions of the local governments.
    • Reason (R) : In recent years, the local bodies have become increasingly dependent on State Governments.
    In the context of the above two statements, which one of the following is correct?
    1. In the context of the above two statements, which one of the explanation of A
    2. Both A and R are true but R is not a correct explanation of A
    3. A is true but R is false
    4. A is false but R is true
  9. The intrinsic feature of the French local self-government is
    1. Decentralization
    2. Centralization
    3. Centralization as well as decentralization
    4. None of the above
  10. In the event of a ministerial proposal being defeated on the floor of the legislature, under the parliamentary system
    1. The government waits for general noconfidence motion
    2. The minister concerned is taken to task by the Prime Minister
    3. The minister is forced to resign
    4. The whole Council of Ministers resigns
  11. The traditional home of Patronage Bureaucracy has been
    1. China
    2. Egypt
    3. France
    4. USA
  12. Which one of the following categories of Fundamental Rights incorporates Abolition of Unsociability?
    1. The Right to Religion
    2. The Right to Equality
    3. The Right to Freedom
    4. The Right against Exploitation
  13. If the President is to resign from office he should address his letter of resignation to
    1. The Prime Minister
    2. The Vice-President
    3. The Chief Justice
    4. The Speaker
  14. R. Ajya Sabha can take initiative in
    1. Censuring a Central Minister
    2. Creating a new All India Service
    3. Considering Money Bills
    4. Appointing judges

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