Psychology Most Important Questions with Answers on Gender and Sexuality Part 1

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1. In differentiating between the terms sex and gender,

(a) Sex refers to biological aspects of identity, and gender refers to psychological and social identity.

(b) Gender refers to sociocultural identity, and sex refers to sociocultural identity.

(c) Sex refers to sociocultural identity, and gender refers to biological identity.

(d) None of these represent the terms correctly.

Answer: A


2. Primary sexual characteristics refer to

(a) All those physical structures and psychological traits influenced by the sex hormones.

(b) Development of breasts and body shape in the female, and changes in hair development and voice in the male.

(c) The sexual and reproductive organs themselves.

(d) Estrogen in the female and testosterone in the male.

Answer: C


3. Which of the following occurs first developmentally?

(a) Gender identity

(b) Secondary sexual characteristics

(c) Primary sexual characteristics

(d) Reproductive maturity

Answer: C


4. Secondary sexual characteristics include

(a) The development of breasts and body shape in the female and changes in hair development and voice in the male.

(b) The sexual and reproductive organs in males and females.

(c) The development of appropriate sex roles.

(d) Menarche and menopause in women.

Answer: A


5. Menarche is to menopause as

(a) Onset is to cessation of menstruation.

(b) Androgen is to estrogen hormones.

(c) Testes are to ovaries.

(d) male is to female.

Answer: A


6. A major sign of puberty in women is the onset of menstruation, called

(a) menopause.

(b) Ovulation.

(c) Menarche.

(d) Estrogen.

Answer: C


7. ________ refers to the release of ova (eggs) from the ovaries.

(a) Primary sexual characteristics

(b) Ovulation

(c) Menopause

(d) Menarche

Answer: B


8. ________ refers to an end to regular monthly menstrual periods.

(a) Ovulation

(b) Menopause

(c) Menarche

(d) Androgen

Answer: B


9. The gonads are the

(a) Biological name for the sex cells.

(b) Biological term for sex hormones.

(c) Sex glands.

(d) Single determinant of gender.

Answer: C


10. The female hormones are called

(a) Androgens.

(b) testosterone՚s.

(c) adrenaline՚s.

(d) Estrogens.

Answer: D


11. Androgens are

(a) Male sex hormones.

(b) Female sex hormones.

(c) Male reproductive structures.

(d) Secreted by the ovaries.

Answer: A


12. Male as well as female hormones are secreted by the ________ glands of both sexes.

(a) Testes

(b) Ovaries

(c) Thyroid

(d) Adrenal

Answer: D


13. Which of the following is responsible for the secretion of sex hormones?

(a) Testes

(b) Pituitary

(c) Thalamus

(d) Thyroid

Answer: A


14. Development of male genitals before birth is largely due to the presence of ________ in the male.

(a) Two X chromosomes

(b) Testosterone

(c) Estrogens

(d) The bulbo-urethral gland

Answer: B


15. There is no structural difference between males and females in the first ________ of prenatal development.

(a) trimester

(b) six weeks

(c) twelve weeks

(d) four months

Answer: B