Psychology Most Important Questions with Answers on Gender and Sexuality Part 6

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77. According to the text, what is happening to the “double standard” regarding acceptable male and female sexual behavior?

(a) It has been drastically altered because of fear about AIDS.

(b) It remains about the same as it was 30 years ago.

(c) It is undergoing a slow death as the gap between male and female sexual patterns slowly closes.

(d) It is responsible for the major backlash in the sexual revolution.

Answer: C


78. Which of the following statements concerning date rape is true?

(a) It is only a problem among “first dates.”

(b) It happens to about 15 percent of college women.

(c) It is caused by an adherence to the double standard.

(d) Most women who are date raped report the incident to authorities.

Answer: B


79. Rape is

(a) An act of brutality or aggression.

(b) Almost always committed by a psychotic.

(c) A symbolic expression of male self-hatred.

(d) Still considered primarily a sex act by most experts.

Answer: A


80. Facts regarding rape include which of the following?

(a) At least 1 woman in 7 will be raped in her lifetime, and because many rapes go unreported, the true figure is probably 1 in 4.

(b) Approximately 1 college woman in 6 is a victim of rape.

(c) In 65 to 80 percent of all cases the rapist is a friend or acquaintance of the victim.

(d) All of these

Answer: D


81. Which of the following describes how AIDS kills its victims?

(a) The virus prevents new cell growth.

(b) The body loses its ability to fight infection.

(c) The virus attacks the brain.

(d) The virus poisons the blood.

Answer: B


82. The spread of the AIDS virus occurs

(a) Only among homosexuals.

(b) Only among bisexuals.

(c) Only among drug users.

(d) Among homosexuals, bisexuals, and heterosexuals.

Answer: D


83. After becoming infected by the HIV virus, a person can still test negative for HIV for up to

(a) 2 months.

(b) 4 months.

(c) 6 months.

(d) 1 year.

Answer: C


84. The AIDS virus can be transmitted by

(a) Social kissing.

(b) Sharing towels.

(c) Direct contact with blood.

(d) Shaking hands.

Answer: C


85. Hypoactive sexual desire is said to exist when

(a) The loss of desire is persistent.

(b) The person is troubled by it.

(c) Both the loss of desire is persistent and the person is troubled by it.

(d) The amount of desire is intense and uncontrollable.

Answer: C


86. A person who desires sexual activity but does not become sexually aroused is suffering from

(a) Desire disorder.

(b) Arousal disorder.

(c) Orgasm disorder.

(d) Sexual pain disorder.

Answer: B


87. Dyspareunia is

(a) A muscle spasm of the vagina.

(b) A method of inhibiting ejaculation.

(c) A persistent inability to reach orgasm.

(d) Genital pain before, during, or after sexual intercourse.

Answer: D